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About Michael Ways Art of Explorer

Hello my dear friends, 
I'm the man, who's been moving all his life and never get roots.
Lover of art, cinematography, literature and jazz, who became to be an artist and philosopher on the road.

Which means not a great creator of something,  but more like a poets from the old times, try to reach something very real, very behind all of this, what is called life and explain it from unseen to another form and share it.
The core of every man's spirit is coming from new experiences. 
The art is not here for business, neither spirituality is for that.
Those things are too valuable in matter of fact. 
I just want to share, what I really reached,  touched and deeply understood on my ways out and my life inside the city. 
There is a poetry hidden in every move,  there is a truth written in every leaf..

The job of every artist is translate it for others. ...    
In this time my travels brought me to Spain.  

But I'd like to really continue farther and discover places, which contains more virginity, with real taste of sincerity ;)
I'd be grateful for your assistance,  if you may....
I'll be grateful for your help on this

Wish you blessed days     
And pleasant nights

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