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Everyone loves zombies and they are the most numerous of the undead. As a zombie you are adding weight and undead flesh to the cause and will have my gratitude.
Thank you, flesh eating minion.

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Killer Clowns get updates on any titles coming out in English and sneak previews of artwork to be featured on the cover or in illustrations.
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My name is Michael Kamp. I'm a Danish horror writer trying to break into the English market and I could use your help.I recently celebrated my 25th title in Danish and since my first novel was published in 2006 that makes me fairly prolific. My main genre is horror and I write for both adults, children and the YA demographic. 

I have won three awards for my work so far, with the biggest being the "Best Danish Horror Publication" for my 2015 novel "Samlerne" (The Collectors). This award is basically the Danish version of the Bram Stoker Awards and I am incredibly proud to have received it.
"Samlerne" has not been translated to English yet. 

However, Clowns has. 
My first full novel in English, Clowns are the story of a night in the life of Oscar. A 12 year old boy living in a small village in Denmark. 
Oscar is having a really bad night, when a horde of creepy clowns descend on his village.
Clowns! Gore! Candyfloss! Dead Children!

You can find Clowns on Google BooksiTunes, and Bookmate if you want to check it out.

If you want to get a free preview of my work, I was hired to write a webcomic some years ago.
Monster is a silent comic dealing with the monsters that haunt children growing up in homes affected by alcohol. 

(Click on image to read)

All in all I have published 10 titles, short stories and anthologies in English and you can find a complete list here.

Translations are costly, so if you like to see more of this, please consider to become a patreon.

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