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About Michelle

Hey guys!

My name is Michelle!
I am the creator of "A Girl's Crazy Life" I hope you guys support me on it! 

About Me
I got inspired to write my story and also really like drawing a lot and one day during 2019 I found WEBTOON and read many comic's that I enjoy reading and my favorite was "I Love Yoo" I got very inspired and had a story of my own that I had in my mind for a while that I made up and I wanted to do, to draw and make my own comic as well. My comic is A Girl's Crazy Life! I hope people enjoys this story that I will make! 

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You will help on the creation of "A Girl's Crazy Life" and you will get rewards in return of me saying thank you to you guys! 

Rewards will be doodles of episode sneak  peeks, livestreams and post cards! 

Note: Livestreams will be probably be spoilers/non canon ships artwork
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I will try my best :,3
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