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At first all TOIL Press is prepared to offer is print on flat stock. (This does NOT EXCLUDE Wheat Paste Posters!!!) But as the idea continues to grow and mature we will be able to offer textile printing as well! Things like clothing, bags, bed sheets, stickers etc. and HOPEFULLY skateboards in some capacity. But for now. Just prints.
What are the Rewards?
TOIL Sticker and Post Card pack $15
- TOIL Designed and Hand Printed Stickers - 3 different designs
(20 of each design to post up on the streets!)
- A personal thank you card in the form of a vintage postcard from somewhere weird in Mexico City. And I've seen some good ones!
<figure><figcaption>TOIL hand printed Sticker Pack</figcaption></figure>
There will be various other designs. Packs will come in quantities of 20 or more.
SMALL Print Package $50
- Toil Sticker Pack
- TOIL Button Pack
- 8.5"x11" Handprinted Collage
<figure><figcaption>8.5'' x 11'' CMYK handprinted collage</figcaption></figure>
MEDIUM Print Package $75
- TOIL Sticker Pack
- TOIL Button Pack
- 16"x20" Hand Printed Collage
<figure><figcaption>CMYK Hand Printed Collage</figcaption></figure>
LARGE Print Package $100
-TOIL Sticker Pack
- TOIL Button Pack
- 20''x30'' Hand Printed Collage
<figure><figcaption>20"x30" CMYK Hand Printed Collage</figcaption></figure>
- 3 Collages of your choice
- 30 prints of each collage 16"x20"
- Bristol paper (weight TBD)
I encourage Collage Artists to participate in sending me 3 collage artworks you'd like to see hand printed. By participating in this reward, you will be helping me to build a portfolio and visual criteria for the TOIL Press website. www.toilpress.com
Your collages will be posted there along with photos of the process in which it took to get your artwork printed. Think of it as a visual journal!
Please refer to rewards page for specific details and instructions

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