Michelle E. Lowe is creating Steampunk/fantasy/science fiction tales!

It's the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

$1 /mo
Thank you! Thank you! This shows that you care. With this wonderful contribution, I’d gladly give an ARC copy of a short spin-off story from Legacy.

Getting to Know Each Other

$5 /mo
Thank you! Merci beaucoup! I’d love nothing more than to connect and share with peo...

Need a Book to Read?

$10 /mo
Thank you! Gracias! Wow! You really do care! For this I give you an ARC copy of the entire Legacy novel.

Ever Had your Name Printed in a Book Before?

$25 /mo
Thank you! Xièxiè! For this generous contribution, I happily give not only an ARC copy...

Following Beyond the First Book

$35 /mo
Thank you! Mulțumesc! How about a sign copy of Legacy and an exclusive look...

How about a Box Set and then Some?

$50 /mo
Thank you! Shukraan! A signed copy of Legacy and a signed copy of each finished Legacy book before its release, pulse Legacy’s standalone book, Boom Time!

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle!

$150 /mo
Thank you! Miigwetch! This is a big deal for me that you care enough to give so much. I’d like t...