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About Michelle Stinson Ross

Well... according to the "official" bio on Amazon - Michelle Stinson Ross been scribbling and making up wild tales most of her life (true). She never really outgrew her childhood penchant for building castles and lands of legend from the everyday world around her (also true even if the wording strays into hyperbole). She has always been a voracious reader as well, rarely picking up a book she didn't like (VERY true). For several years (yikes over a decade now) she worked at being a respectable adult, raising three children, and building a career as a digital marketing executive. But as the children grew up and the career progressed, the drive to create those wild tales never left her...

Anyway you get the idea. I am a storyteller with a family and a day job.

Honestly, because in spite of tons of research, an almost neurotic passion, and piles of notes and outlines I haven't had the time and energy to finish writing the follow up to the novella I published 10 years ago. 

Revenge of the Siren Song has been well liked. I have one friend that's read it 3 times since he discovered it a few months ago. Anytime I get the opportunity to tell people what I'm working on, the response is "I want to read that!"

And I have such grand plans for world domination, but this pirate needs a crew to help sail this ship into glory.

Rather than slogging along in a dark little corner until I FINALLY finish this thing, I want to share the voyage with you. (Too much alone time makes me a bit batty)

In the time honored traditions of Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Alexander Dumas, I would LOVE to serialize the chapters of Treasure of the Sun Stone as I write them.

I also have my studio space set up and ready to record the audio book version of Revenge of the Siren Song. How would you like to hear me read the book to you a chapter at a time?

Remember the copious notes and outlines I mentioned? Revenge of the Siren Song and Treasure of the Sun Stone are meant to be the first two books in a 10 book series. If you like the adventures I lead us on, there will be so much more.

Finally, much of my day job is teaching business owners about digital marketing. That's fine and all. I do it well. But I would LOVE to share what I've learned over this last decade with other authors, artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Some of you might like to get advanced access to training on demand.

The choice is yours! Be ye passenger or pirate, sailor or swashbuckler?
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Pirate Fleet!
When we reach $1000 per month I'll launch the online training series for artists and creators. And I'll get the cover art for Treasure of the Sun Stone underway. Every patron will have a chance to vote on their favorite cover concept.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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