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- Access to Patreon feed, where you get to see WIP's that I won't be posting anywhere else.
- Access to polls, where you get to vote on what I should draw next!
- Early Access! But the early access will be much more restricted in this tier. Comics will be viewed at the end of the month, but any other pic you'll get to view as soon as those are done!

Mid Tier

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You shall receive the rewards from the previous tier PLUS:

- You'll receive full size .png files for every image I do!  (Only commissions that I have permission to distribute will be included. They will be distributed after each pay cycle along with the other .png files)  
- Instant access to early access content! You will receive these IMMEDIATELY once I'm done with said project instead of waiting a week like everyone else.
- The ability to make character suggestions! These will be simple sketches of said character in a scenario of my choosing.
- You'll be able to access early access streams in my Discord server! Yup, you get certain drawings before everyone else does, and now you can look at them being made too.
- You'll also receive comics in their full size and in color! (These will be distributed after each pay cycle along with every other reward)
- You'll receive animated gifs in color. They won't be in their full resolution, however. (NOTE: With how rarely I create animations, I wouldn't recommend joining this tier exclusively for this reward)

Top Tier

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You shall receive the rewards from the previous tiers PLUS: 

- Access to polls! Every now and then, I will throw out a poll and you get a chance to enter any character that fits the criteria of said poll. If your character wins, the poll will then become a request for you!
- Access to bonus content, which will be bonus panels for certain images that no other tier will get!
 - Access to my .psd files (excluding commissions and certain files with bonus content) where you get to see how I make each image! (these will be sent to you after each pay cycle along with everything else)
- You will receive a folder that'll include any sketches I've worked on in the past month. So overall, you will receive pretty much most of the content I produce a month!
- You will receive animated gifs in their full resolution! They'll usually be 1920x1080p (NOTE: Since I rarely make animations, I wouldn't pledge for this benefit exclusively)



About MicroMike

I am a size fetishist and like drawing shrunken or big people. I'm more of a shrinking person myself, but from time to time I can draw giant ladies. If you're here, then you're possibly interested in supporting me. If that's the case, I can say that I can try and make it worthwhile for you! My rewards are more like perks, so you shouldn't be missing out on anything if you decide to not support me. But if you're here and you're not familiar with my art, you can check that out on my DeviantArt, Pixiv, and sometimes I'll even post furry content on Furaffinity.   


-All characters drawn are 18+. I don't claim ownership of any of the characters I draw, unless they are original content. All characters belong to their respective owners.

- My rewards are subscription based and I send out rewards after each monthly paycycle, so every 1st of the month. Only rewards I'm willing to send out early are requests, but only if the request belongs to you.

-Requests will not be available right off the bat for new Patrons. You gotta wait till your 2nd payment goes through and then I will happily accept any requests you have for me! Do keep in mind that there are different waiting periods for the different request tiers.

-For stream requests, drawings will be on a cooldown. So if I draw your request one stream, then I won't immediately draw your next drawing the next set of streams. You must wait at least 2 streams till I allow you to submit another stream request. Also, you don't have to attend the streams to get a drawing. You only have to submit the request whenever I announce streams.

-To receive any past benefits, you must be in the corresponding tier you want the rewards from for a certain period of time; 4 months for $5 rewards, and 6 months for $10 rewards. Then, you must repurchase that months rewards but with added interest. So you'd be paying $6 for $5 folders and $12 for $10 folders. You CANNOT purchase rewards from tiers higher than your current one, so $5 tier cannot buy $10 rewards and $2 tier cannot buy neither $5 or $10 rewards. Also, you must be pledged to the tier you want for that time period concurrently to qualify. If you delete your pledge and return at a later date, you must follow the aforementioned rule. Any previous subscription period will not count if you delete your pledge and return at a later date to get content from previous months. For tiers higher than the $10 tier, the same rules as the $10 tier will apply. This system is NON NEGOTIABLE, and I will be very stritct about following this criteria.

Content restrictions:

There are some restrictions on the kind of content I won't draw, and they are as follows:

-No male content (traps ok)
-No hyper muscles
-No hyper futa (futa is ok but I prefer art where character proportions aren't super exaggerated)
-No inflation
-No expansion (if it's not too crazy, then I can consider this. I'm just honestly not experienced with expansion stuff at all)
-No portrayals of real people (I'd rather stick to fictional characters so I don't get in trouble with anyone), but if it's you as an OC and you're ok with it, then that's ok with me.
-No foot stomping POVs (any other type of foot POV is ok)
-No city-scapes (if you can simplify these, then I can consider them)

Character limits, or characters that I may turn down due to an overwhelming demand for them:

-Fire Emblem characters
-Persona characters

Character banlist, or characters from a series that I absolutely won't draw:

-Any character belonging to Blizzard-Activision
-Mt. Lady, since she has so much content there really isn't much I feel I can do with her anymore.
-Raven from Teen Titans, for pretty much the same reasons as Mt. Lady.

These aren't necessarily a no from me, but I am a bit iffy about them. It's best to message me first before we agree on anything.

-OC's: I'll be honest, I'm not crazy about OC's at all. But I'm a sucker for cute characters, so if you think your character is cute then I'm more likely to draw them. Also, I'd rather draw OC's if they belong to you. I won't draw OC's if they don't belong to you. There's too much hassle for me to deal with when drawing other peoples characters without their permission.
-Furries: I'm a lot pickier with furry content than I am with OC's. I only feel comfortable drawing certain species of animals. So along with them being cute, I prefer canines, felines, and maybe mice and rabbits. I'm a lot more comfortable with mammals than I am with reptiles and amphibians. But really, I have to be interested in the characters to be ok with drawing them. Straight up, if they are popular characters like Lola Bunny, then I'm more inclined to draw them. It's best to ask me beforehand just to be sure. I will absolutely not do any bestiality.
-Monster girls: As always, I'm all about cute designs. If I feel like the design is far from cute, then I might turn it down.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 842 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 842 exclusive posts

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