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Listen to short excerpts from the full-length micro-musicals featured:

The Micro-Musical Theatre Show
 is a series of new and original Broadway-style musical productions. It's a front-row seat experience delivered every month to subscribers through an audio podcast in a one-of-a-kind, exclusive experience.

A micro-musical is a full musical theatre production that runs about 60 minutes. Kinda like a radio play. 

As a subscriber, you will support storytellers, theatre musicians and actors with the opportunity to have their work heard by thousands of people though this monthly showcase. Consider it your new Happy Place, or a serenade for your commute!

Fans of musicals have the chance to tap into the incredible and emerging talents of the worlds of Broadway, Off-Broadway, and cabaret.

The Micro-Musical Theatre Show (TMMTS) offers a new venue for theatre and music artists to feature their work and reach new audiences.

Additional details can be found on our  website .

Some Background

I started this project to create a venue (platform) and to support creativity micro-musical creators.
This is an expensive endeavor as we are being fair to those who participate by paying them a fair wage for their time.

I sincerely believe in the opportunity being created here and hope you believe in it as well. My aim is to build a community of the most dedicated supporters, who will grow with us and help shape the future of The Micro-Musical Theatre Show.

Personally, I like to create, help create, or participating in creating content things that the public at large can learn from or engage in. Mostly that’s been in news, documentaries, or informative websites. This project is a bit of a departure for me – which is good. I like learning new things and I’m interested in leveraging my skills to benefit and enlighten.

Release Schedule

New episodes are monthly.
Additional content (interview, behind-the-scenes, etc) for those qualifying reward tiers, will be released as soon as they are available.

Rewarding Rewards!

Here’s what you get as a fan of this project:
  • Something original and compelling to listen to every month
  • You support artists in a way they would otherwise not be supported
  • You’re contributing to the exposure of emerging and amazing talent
  • You’re entertaining and distracting yourself in a productive way

Several reward levels are available. Depending on your subscription level you get additional benefits ranging from a peek behind the scenes into how the musical was made; an engaging and insightful interview with the creatives and artist about their work by public radio host Julian Fleisher ( Naked American Songbook); to a copy of the original artwork for each episode by Stefano Imberto and signed by the artists, and more!

*Notes on Reward Levels:
With the exception of the Balcony Seat reward tier, new subscribers will have access to a limited number of back catalog titles. The number depends on your subscription tier. All subscribers have access to the most recent episode released on the first of the month.
- Co-Producer reward tier have access to the entire back catalog
- Backstage Pass reward tier subscribers have access to the last 12 months of back catalog
- Front Row Seat reward tier subscribers have access to the 2 most recent episodes in the back catalog
- Mezzanine Seat reward tier subscribers have access to the 1 most recent episode in the back catalog
- Balcony Seat reward tier subscribers only have access to the current episode released on the first of the month. Make sure your podcatcher is set to download the episodes.

Additional Notes
Micro-musicals in the back catalog are available for individual purchase. Check the BACK CATALOG Section of The Micro-Musical Theatre Show .
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We can continue to produce monthly musicals.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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