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You have found your way to my Patreon page and I will be your guide through the Wasteland.
I will be creating custom costumes and props on this channel. You will also be joining me as I continue my journey into auto mechanics and custom body work.

I will be doing videos on how to make your Post Apocalypse the best it can be.  From tutorials on how to make amazing costumes for cheap to building wasteland vehicles without breaking the bank.

With your support, you will feed the madness that is my creativity and get access to special content and patterns to build your own Apoc vehicles and props.   There will be weekend live streams and discussions that will be shared via my pages.   
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This is the entry level tier.  You wanna ride the War Rig?  Then start here prove your loyalty.  
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Great!  Now who wants to throw explosive spears at people while going 100 miles an hour? 

With this tier, you get early access to DIY videos and patterns for costumes and props. 

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With this tier, you get an hour long video conference with me where we plan out your most badass idea for a costume or car.  I will share with you private tips on how to make your unique look. 

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