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An Introduction

My name is Lucas, and am also known online as Yoga, I am the founder of Migaku, and co-founder of the Mass Immersion Approach. Unfortunately, I am in the process of leaving the Mass Immersion Approach because of my previous partner’s continuous productivity issues. Perhaps even more unfortunately, my previous partner is attempting to steal the brand we built together and I will very likely be filing a lawsuit against him and entering a legal battle in the near future.

I, however, won’t let this deter me. The ideas, and passion to build a comprehensive immersion learning platform originated with me and were with me for years before I co-founded the Mass Immersion Approach. I can say in good conscience that without me there would have been no MIA and Matt’s recommendations would still lag behind similar to those of All Japanese All The Time.

Enough about the past though! Let’s take a look at what’s next!

What is Migaku?

Migaku is my new venture that breaks with the previous pursuit of a for-profit subscription-based platform. Migaku means “to polish” in Japanese, and is often used to mean “to improve at a skill”. Because I think the process of immersion learning is very similar to the process of slowly polishing a sculpture to perfection, I thought it was the perfect name for the brand. Migaku can also be written "Mi学” in Japanese which stands for something like "Mass Immersion Study". The long term goal of Migaku is to build a comprehensive platform that will eventually be run as an open-source non-profit. But ultimately seeks to deliver as much possible value at every step on the way to that goal.

I have a proven track record of adding value in this space and have already designed and built tools which are being by many thousands of users. And while I find that these tools are a decent start into easing the technical burden of the immersion learner, I also recognize that they don’t go nearly far enough, and am excited to start improving them.

Now that I will no-longer be occupied working towards an all-encompassing platform for the Mass Immersion Approach, I can take a different strategy of pursuing the projects that add the most possible value right now, while continuing to aim for those bigger long-term goals. I hope that as Migaku grows we can build a team of similarly impassioned people to help make this happen.

Who am I?

My name is Lucas, and I grew up in Brazil, but was later adopted by an American family and moved to America when I was nine. I stepped off the plane not knowing a word of English. But, within a few years of arriving, was undeniably speaking at a native level. In return, I ended up completely forgetting Portuguese.

As a result, I was left with a strong desire to once again become bilingual— which led me to begin learning Japanese in 2009. My experience learning English had taught me that immersion was the key to language acquisition. After finding further inspiration in ideas such as Krashen’s Input Hypothesis, AJATT, and Steve Kaufman’s input-based learning strategies, I began an intensive dive into Japanese.

By the time I moved to Japan two years later, I had become fluent in the language. And after an additional year of intensive study in the country, I was comfortably in the top 1% of foreign Japanese speakers. But, my life as a language learner was just getting started.

Long story short—four years of travel and study later—I had become fluent in Mandarin and Portuguese as well. During that time, I also dabbled in a smattering of other languages, including Korean, Arabic, and German, among others.

Throughout my time learning languages, I found that gathering the necessary resources to effectively learn them often required absurd amounts of compromise and menial work. A desire to improve this situation, along with an inherent interest, lead my primary focus to fully shift from languages to programming.

Today, four years later, I consider myself “fluent” in code—although I am still continuing to strive towards “native level.”

My role at Migaku is two-fold. First, to develop and release the tools that will make immersion learning more and more accessible. Second, to produce my own videos and to collaborate with others to promote immersion learning and provide a new framework to the vast majority of language learners who are still using archaic study methods.

Thanks to All Supporters!
My path has been recently complicated by me leaving the Mass Immersion Approach. But I am really excited about the future, and truly believe that this new path actually allows me to add the most value to each and every one of you. Thank you so much to all those of you who are choosing to support me, for making it possible!

Sincere thanks.
500 of 750 patrons
I will begin using 35% of all Patreon income as direct investment into Migaku from this point forward. I have particular plans of how I will be spending the money which I will discuss with Backers.
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