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Drawing Your Oc(s)
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Well Draw your Oc(s) depending on the oc(s) looks and it will be done soon if (Can do it Traditional or Digitally Depending on how you want )
A Shoutout
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If I get more Money I'll do a Shoutout on Video or description(Depending how much they are) 




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About FurryGirl98

Hi I'm Mighty/Sarah/Sade I make Videos And Arts but I will say what will and will not make 

Will make: Fan Art,Oc(s),Gore,Furries,Kemons,Humans,Humanoids and Slightly Fetish
I might do: Porn 
Here Will I won't do: Guro,Underage(Loli and Shota),Hate Stuff, and Stolen Oc(s)

Also I Do Adoptable(s) and Some Videos! 
$0 of $100 per month
If Get to 100$ I will Do a Animate or Draw my life Video soon!
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