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I am Mika Mononen, physics student, guitarist and a humble earthling from Finland. Music has always been my greatest pleasure, because of it's a mixture of pure physics and human nature.

(You can skip this paragraph, if physics wasn't you're favourite subject in school)
String vibrating in the air produces an audible waves of pressure, and when those strings vibrate in the different, but right frequencies, we often register them in our brain as music. That's basically how all happens. Quite simple, but not quite when you add few variables, such as emotions and physical need to tap your foot to the beat. Okay I'll stop theory now.

So, what's the meaning of all this?

Well, it means that we humans (and some animals) use music to communicate. To show emotions and feelings, that we cannot otherwise show. After several years of playing and going through spectrum of emotions... I want to give joy, calmness and comfort, which I have learned to transfer by my acoustic, steel-stringed guitar.

Why Patreon?

Patreon makes it possible for US, to break boundaries and go even further. With our coordination and motivation, we can create even better arrangements, more pleasurable music and overall higher-quality experience, which correlates as better mood for all of us.

How does it work?

You can support my music directly by pledging a dollar amount of your choice. That gives you many opportunities to interact with me and other fellow patrons. There are also additional levels of support that include exclusive behind-the-scenes, music tabs, tips and tricks for playing, music download, skype lessons, chance to get to influence my music and you name it.
You can support whatever amount you are comfortable with so you never pay more than you are comfortable with. It's completely up to you. :)

Where that support goes?

It goes straightly to my music projects, where you, my patrons have the most influence.
Making high-quality music and video is expensive, not to forget that editing these files takes tremendous amount of time and work.
With your support, I can continue to work with music and do what I love.


I can't wait to get started and hope that you'd join the journey too! We are going to make some awesome stuff together and I hope that I get to know all of you better!

I'm truly happy and I appreciate your support!

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This will be my and our, the first and biggest goal right now.

These are for my new high-quality microphones (oktavas), that are must for our future projects. I have done my homework regarding these.

I have been wondering why my recordings don't have that "feeling", that I want to give for my audience and I have come to conclusion that it's because my Rode NT1A might not be the best for acoustic guitar alone, not to mention my room's acoustics, but that's not the biggest problem. 

No matter what,
hiljaa hyvä tulee, which means 
slowly we'll get to our goal!
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