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Throughout my life, I've always valued inspiring and connecting with others from all around the world. my ultimate goal has and always will be to impact the world in the most positive ways that I can.
Luckily, I've been able to do that through a few common themes within my day to day life is being in  Art, styling, blogging, and overall entertainment through uniting with others on various platforms.
Some time ago I decided to focus on this journey a bit more than I have in the past in trying to get out there and express myself through my art. I consider myself an artist and creator. 

I enjoy creating just about anything that can put a smile on someone else's face or bring them some specific value that they may not have achieved before.

I focus on my creative abilities and see things from an artistic perspective. I express myself through art, whether it is dancing, singing, lip singing, performances, creating jewelry, creating videos, photography, videography, editing, upcycling vintage clothing to make it more modern or even cooking.  I enjoy finding gems of clothing with various textures and stitchings at the thrift store to recreate and add my touch to so that I can give to someone who truly desires that look by styling, layering with other materials to spark life into otherwise bland clothing options.

I am a USA LIVE Streaming Host as well which allows me to connect with people from all over the world! I have made some amazing people on there that truly appreciate my art and energy.  I am truly grateful to have met so many amazing people from all aspects of life with various perspectives, cultures, and approaches to this thing we call living!

Being a Mother of two and a wife also presents its challenges when attempting to balance the day-to-day activities of those duties, however having such an amazing support system and the patience and understanding of the people around me has allowed me to work on my dreams without much compromise.

Many have asked me in the past...
Where does your passion come from?
Where do you get all of that energy from?

I believe that over time as I've analyzed myself and the way I'm able to work and output content that resonates with others was mainly established throughout my high school career as I was always involved myself in multiple clubs, brought enthusiasm to whatever I was contributing to and always attempted to stay outgoing and passionate about the things and journeys I embarked on.
A specific example of this passion would always come through in "Girlfriends" (All girls program dedicated to helping a young woman to dress, act, eat like a lady. We were able to express ourselves and relay valuable messages to the groups of women who were looking to be inspired.

I honed in on this passion once I graduated from high school and extended my talents to college campuses as I was able to again, join social groups and interact with others in beneficial ways. I was even able to become the head of one of the main groups that I joined in college where are we took in young girls during their first few semesters and showed them around the campus to give them a head start on how things worked around the college and initiate them into their new lifestyles.

I've been reluctant over the years to call what I have a talent, is it really a talent if you are able to engage people for long periods of time while maintaining conversations and entertaining all at once; retaining a consistent audience and giving people a reason to come back.

I have passion in many areas and believe I could express them all. I have done a couple of projects and worked in different areas trying new things all the time. I've taught science for a couple of years and have a fascination for frogs as I use to have one as a pet in my classroom. I also was a Stylist at Cache' helping woman feel and look beautiful. During late hours I was a dance teacher (belly dancing and zumba). In the early mornings when everyone is asleep I get to work on my craft, my art of photography, videography, upcycling, styling, recreating, or DIY projects. Everything I've learned was self-taught. I enjoy people and finally have the freddom to express myself! 

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