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I've been writing "Immortal Soul" for over a year now, and have invested countless hours into creating free content.  Thus far, I've written forty chapters of the main story, and ten chapters of the spin-off "Questing".

After that, I started working on a story called "Hardcore OP-ness".  Over the course of ten months, I wrote a total of over 400 chapters.  While I was trying to write the ending of book 2, I had a sudden burst of inspiration and decided not to let it go to waste.

"The Vanilla God" is a first-person Xianxia story that I worked on in March of 2016 for about a week, but then went back to writing HCOP.  I'll probably get back to it eventually :(.

"The Dao of Eros" is a first-person perspective webnovel based on Chinese Xianxia stories, with a decent amount of connections to my other novels.  I worked on it from May 2016, to the beginning of August 2016, writing a total of 3 books and about 100 chapters so far.  I'm working on book 4 atm, but mainly focusing on TDoDK.

"The Diary of Destiny King" is a story that I wanted to write for a while, but just never got around to doing it.  However, the thing that I like about this story is mainly the fact that there's no profanity or sexual content!  Yes, that means I can confidently say that this story wouldn't be rated R or M!  It's about survival, exploring alien worlds, farming and other fun stuff like that


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