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About Mike Cernovich

You've seen what I can do with a small budget. Now imagine the impact we can have with more.
You are tired of waking up and seeing the hoaxing media win every day. You can't believe what passes for the "news." You want to stand up against it, but you weren't sure how you could. You felt outnumbered. That is starting to change.

Every day I wake up ready to raise hell and bring you the news and stories that others are afraid to tell. I take on the entire mainstream media, and they now live in fear of me. Everyone from Gawker to the Washington Post to the Daily Beast has tried to take me out. They have failed and will fail.

While famous for busting hoaxes, I've also funded original journalism out of my own pocket. Because of the massive success of Gorilla Mindset, I'm able to do journalism without taking a direct salary.

People have asked me how they can fund high impact journalism. Here is how.

There are more stories that the media is afraid to tell, so WE must tell those stories. 

100% of your contribution will go towards paying freelance journalists for hot stories, paying video editors, and otherwise covering hard costs associated with journalism.

That's right. I am not going to take a salary out of your contributions.
Gorilla Mindset was the breakthrough book of 2015 and will support me for at least the next five years.

ALL of your contributions will fund journalism. 

We will send reporters to cover stories the hoaxing media won't tell. We will tell the truth about sick Hillary Clinton. We will expose the hoaxing media.

Why is modern journalism nothing more than a collection of left-wing hoaxes?

Modern journalism is best understood as a collection of hoaxes. These hoaxes are spread because "journalists" do not work for readers. They work for their sugar daddy owners, who set the agenda.

  • Mexican billionaire and monopolist Carlos Slim owns the New York Times. Since purchasing ownership in the Times, all critical coverage of him stopped.
  • Pierre Omidyar owns The Intercept.
  • Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post.

"Journalists" are nothing more than the private bloggers of their owners, which is why everything you read sounds the same. There aren't any unique voices because a few oligopolists have purchased American media.

I fund journalism through the tends of thousands (now approaching hundreds of thousands) of people who buy my best-selling books. But journalism is a loss leader, and your direct support will help me fund the hard costs of exciting media projects.

100% of your Contribution Will Fund Real Journalism

Your support will not go into my pocket. I do not take a salary for my journalistic endeavors. Instead, your contributions will go towards the artists, videographers, and journalists I hire.

Here's an example of my work. I went to the RNC and DNC, busting media hoaxes along the way.

What is the vision for Cernovich Media?
Cernovich Media a news outlet, lifestyle magazine, and multi-media outlet.
My flagship blog, which did 1.5 million page views last month with no outside advertising and a staff of one (me), gives you a sense of what Cernovich Media would look like. At D&P I cover everything from lifestyle, mindset, to media hoaxes, to original reporting.

My Twitter did over 110,000,000 impressions on Twitter and my profile alone received over 6 million views. 

Cernovich Media recognizes the platform risk of being banned from Twitter, and we will build the infrastructure needed to get some of those hundreds-of-million Twitter views onto a website we own.

We need more staff writers out in the wild reporting on events the hoaxing media won't cover.

With your support we can also fund two feature-length, high-impact documentaries a year.

Silenced, a feature-length documentary on free speech and censorship in the West, is almost ready for release after only 8 months of production. We produced Silenced on a shoestring budget, and I waived my producer's fee.

I am already in pre-production on Hoaxed: The Media's War on Truth. Hoaxed will go deep into our crooked and corrupt media system, taking scalps of those who lie and deceive the public.

I also intend to produce a documentary on the "refugee crisis." The media has not told the truth about what is happening in Europe. I will fly a crew out to Europe to report on what is REALLY happening over there.

We also want to produce and direct short documentaries on interesting people in the movement. Vice used to do cool documentaries, but now they all suck and are terrible. Vice-style documentaries are high impact when done right.

"Stay busy, be useful!"

Reality check. I am a known quantity. You seem me work at a frantic pace every day. Cernovich Media is a speculative endeavor by wannabes.

Cernovich Media is hard-hitting, and I intend to bring on more people who wake up every day with passion, enthusiasm, and a desire to give YOU the news that no one else will.

You said you wanted to be involved, to be part of a project bigger than anything you'd imagined.

Now is your chance.

Become a monthly donor on Patreon.

Make a contribution via BitCoin. 1BTwSYqQPWvD7ZrFYevaJmLrT96KmDjcxW

Or fund the news via PayPal.

My target is $10,000 by December 31st.

Your money will go right to work for you, the people, and we will fight and WIN!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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