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You'll earn my eternal gratitude. How much is it worth? Quite a bit, as I obviously don't give it away freely. I would like to think it's worth more than a dollar, yet here we are.
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The idea behind this reward will be to involve my community in more of my work. Each month, I'll take submitted ideas, combine them and create something new as a 'community poem' and give credit to those whose ideas helped.




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So first off, let me thank you for coming to this page to support my efforts. I started blogging five years ago for the fun of it and it's been quite the journey. As my blog continues and expands I want it to continue to grow and post more frequently. With your support, I'll be able to buy a camera, leading to unique photos for every post, and with that camera, I'll be able to produce high quality videos, enhancing the overall experience. With your support, I'll be able to upgrade my wordpress account from personal to premium, allowing for a website redesign and more storage in anticipation for my photography and videography. Your support will help myself assemble a small team to help my blog with quality and content, leading to a consistent posting schedule (think days of the week rather than one post every one to two weeks) and more variety to enjoy. Finally, your support will help with the purchase of a microphone, which will be used for my expansion into podcasts (which will compliment my blog).
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At $50 a month, I would be able to keep to a consistent schedule. Instead of writing once a month or once every few months, I'd be able to write once every two weeks.
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