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$1 or more per month 102 patrons
$1 really helps! Thank you for your support. 

At this lowest tier you will get to see my comic pages a week ahead of time, in high resolution!

$5 or more per month 46 patrons
$5 or more a month gets you...
  • Behind the Scenes stuff! Things like concept art and stuff from the writing process.
  • Any Desktop Wallpapers I make for my comics
  • +The Early Access reward tier
$10 or more per month 4 patrons
$10 a month or more gets you:
  •  access to the High Resolution Art Gallery! I'll give you all the SFW high res art I've done that month in my free time.  Any fan art, doodles, and portfolio pieces!  Plus any of the wallpapers I've done, you will get in High Res as well.
  • +The Early Access and Backstage Pass reward tiers
$13 or more per month 171 patrons
$13 or more gets you:
  • the NSFW Gallery! You know what it means. You'll get all the NSFW uncensored images I draw, Sketches, Pin-ups, and sometimes even mini-comics!
  • +The Early Access, Backstage Pass, and Art House reward tiers
$100 or more per month 1 patrons (sold out!)
For $100 you get:
  • A full single character commission EVERY month!
  • Every month you get to tell me in detail what you would like to have in a 11x17 inch full color commission, with simple background. As well, it can be a regular image or NSFW.
  • If you would like something complex, we can work together to figure out what extra payment it would cost to get you what you want!
  • +The Early Access, Backstage Pass, Art House, and 13th Floor reward tiers