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About Michael Harris

My name is Mike, and I am an aspiring fiction writer. I work as a Job Coach to people with mental disabilities however I do dream to one day become a famous author. I hope that some day I have works on the best seller list, my HBO adaptation and all that other stuff. But for right now I will post my original work here whenever the muse strikes me and I actually decide to make a new story.

Currently I spend much of my time writing fanfiction to both act as a creative outlet for some of my more “out there” ideas and ones a little too close to things I like. Also, I find it a good way to sharpen my writing skills. But I will be posting only my own original content here on this site, short stories and chapters to future novels. Short Stories will be Published at random, whenever I finish them and get them cleaned up.

Currently I am taking on Commissions, 10$ per 1k words. I will still claim ownership of the story though will always give credit to the original idea.

If you would like, I do have a Discord open to anyone that enjoys my works and typical nerd stuff. The Link is https://discord.gg/Dems3yH 

Thank you for coming to my little slice of the Internet and hope that you like what I have to offer.  

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Generally what I need to live with my current living arrangement. Having this will mean I won't have to worry about rent or bills and can spend more time on writing.. 
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