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Hello, my name is Mike (or Michael) of MikeMic Productions. I am a Youtube Content Creator, who is looking to provide a verity of voice acting, and gaming content. I am hoping that with setting up a patreon account/campaign, it will allow my subscribers/viewers a way of supporting the channel through donations, while receiving rewards for their contributions, as well as being informed of future content that I have plans for in the near future. As to my goal, I hope to become a entertainer of sorts, becoming a voice actor, well providing gaming videos for my subscribers/viewers as well as other things that would not only make them happy, but also make me happy because they are happy with the content too. Credit to the amazing artists who made these avatars for me: https://karrotkitteh.deviantart.com/   https://purapuss.deviantart.com/ 
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When i reach 10 patrons ill dedicate a live stream to those patrons. 
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