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                                    Hi there....and welcome.

Military Aviation TV (MATV)
is a fresh, new You Tube channel dedicated to the world of military aviation.
Set-up by a small team of dedicated professionals, we aim to bring you some of the very best content available. We'll bring you a mix of classic historic documentaries, reports from press/media days as well as content from military airfields around the world.

 MATV will also produce exclusive, ‘in-house’ documentaries featuring a mix of military themed topics. The documentaries will be entitled ‘A Day With....’ and will feature airbases, squadrons and units from around the globe.
 MATV will also interview various members of the military to talk about their career, their most challenging operations, and what the future holds for them. These will vary from aircrew, ground crew, squadron commanding officers as well as former military personnel.
 MATV will also feature an exciting production called; ‘Kerry flies with.....’ which will feature our Kerry flying with some of the best squadrons around the world. We’ll follow Kerry as she takes a flight medical, undertakes safety briefings, and gets issued with appropriate flying kit as well as Kerry filming the flight itself. These productions will take you-the viewer- behind the scenes of a world which is not often seen by the general public! We are very excited about the potential of this content.
 Using our network of contacts we intend to bring you some very exclusive content. Stay tuned!

 We will also speak to members of the media who bring you quality copy and photographs from some of the world's leading magazines. We'll also talk to authors and publishers who produce fascinating books on the subject.We will speak to them about how they started, what are their ambitions and what motivates them.

 Most importantly we aim to speak to enthusiasts around the world about their love of military aviation. How they began their hobby, what has been their highlight and what they hope to achieve in the future. We will also interview enthusiasts who run social media dedicated pages & groups on Facebook. A growing trend, Facebook contains some of the very best military aviation coverage, with most started by like-minded enthusiasts.

This new channel is yours, so we hope to receive ideas and suggestions sent to us by you. Please feel free to contact us with anything you feel is relevant, and we'll do our best to include your ideas in future content.

We appreciate that financially times are tough out there for most of you, so any donation you feel you can afford is greatly received. Any donations will be put towards maintaining and upgrading equipment, and associated expenses involved in producing high quality video content.

We will also donate a percentage of any profit made to a worthy charity or organisation. We aim to have a different charity every 6 to 8 months, so this will make sure that we are able to help a little with many good causes.

We aim to ‘go live’ this autumn of 2018, and aside the main YouTube Channel we'll be on Facebook & Instagram, so keep an eye out for adverts in the preceding months.
So, there you have it. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please don't hesitate in contacting us.

 From the MATV team, we thank you in advance for your support..

                                                                [email protected]

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Live streaming.

Our goal is to ultimately be able to live stream from an outside location. Once we reach $400 per month this will allow us to start to live stream.
The live streams will vary in content, it might be from the fence-line of a military airfield, or even live streaming from on-base. The potential for this is endless.
We hope in the future to bring the live action into the comfort of your home. Please help us to achieve this.
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