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Thank you for visting my Patreon. This option is simply for millennials who enjoy the content of my youtube channel. 

To keep the fire burning with more exciting content to be researched and aired. 

For the continuity of this channel.  

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My name is Dashen and thank you for visiting my Patreon. My youtube channel millennial millionaire lifestyle is free of charge and your contribution will help create more unique content. 

My goal is to reach 10 000 millennials and help them add value to the future by helping them live well whilst constructively contributing towards society. 

Your contribution would assist with extensive research to help find the the most accurate and up to date material for you. 

Benefit to you? Apart from enjoying the continuity of the youtube channel this tier will give you access to a monthly video with exclusive content not shown on my channel. 

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South African tax law can become complicated with high level language and figuring out what will work for you. 

After months of extensive research i have put together an easy to understand guide to help millennials legally save 30% tax each and every year. 

You will receive a once off guide with 5 ways you can start today and save money towards your retirement and a fulfilled lifestyle. 

Private Mentorship - Start your business
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For a limited time offer! This is a ONCE OFF PAYMENT. 

Starting a business can be hard and can become complex. I will offer a weekly check in for an ENTIRE month to help mentor Millennials and successfully take your ideas off the ground into profitable online stores. We will connect via skype. 

This is the budget saver option but offers millennials access to comprehensive and quality resources. Depending on your business venture you could get your online store up and running from as little 100 dollars. 

I have help start a few online stores and will show you how to avoid the noise out there and concentrate on whats really important for the success of your business. 

From analytics to registration, tax laws, maintainence and even easy marketing. 

Sign up today and be part of the elite millennials who are changing the status quo. 




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About Dashen Naidoo

Hello there, my name's Dashen. 
Welcome to the patreon site of Millennial Millionaire lifetyle. 

I started this series to add value and empower millennials to be all they can be. Have you ever wondered how much more you could have done, if you only knew what you know now. My aim is to empower. This channel is aimed at developing the unique business and leadership skills of a millennial from early on.

As you are aware my channel is free however with your Patreon subscription i aim to extend my research and compile better and more complete guides to help Millennials live the millionaire lifestyle without the milions. 

Thank you for joining.

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To reach 10 000 MILLENNIALS through video by July 2019 and help them save money, earn money and start living the millionaire lifestyle without having millions.
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