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is creating social & silicon tools for life long learning

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About Serj Hunt

Hello wonderful human. I'm just a future parent who's passionate about creating tools and environments for my child/children's flourishing. But before they enter the world I hope the things I create will be useful to other kids, teens, adults and all our 'inner childs'. 

I'm a researcher, creator and human development anthropologist. I work on social and silicon technologies that support life long learning, and communities of practice. I practice more action research meaning that I research mainly through doing and building.

If you've landed here, chances are, you're familiar with some of my work. Behind that work is me carving a path as an independent researcher. To remain deeply connected to my inquiry I decided to fund my work through a 'crowdfunded research grant', from people like you.

Each new product, new handbook, and new social game is an experiment towards answering some of my deepest questions about human development. If you enjoy my work, I invite you to become a member of this Learning Lab. You'll get early access to all my projects and resources. Think of your contribution, not as a "tip" but as "grantmaking": crowdfunding a research program.

Why crowdfund? Behind approaching my work in this manner is the worry that revenue generation would distract me from creating things that actually help to support the growth of individuals. I hope to avoid some of the same traps that turn students into 'customers' that get put through factory-style funnels and make managers overlook the nuances of a learner's rich and complex lifeworld.

Ultimately I hope, with your support, we can create novel small scale learning-protopias. Learning spaces where the norms and interactions are quite different. Your support for this journey is deeply appreciated. 

With nervous excitement and wild curiosity  


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