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You get all MiniDoods as a PDF. They'll be posted as often as I can get them out. 

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All MiniDoods, MapDoods, & DM extras! I'll be posting maps I've drawn. Especially of towns. And any extra rules and creature stats, where I've made interesting and unique MiniDoods. Like a juvenile hill giant.




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About MiniDoods

D&D and TableTop RPG Gamers!
Table top minis are here! Handy, easy to print, fold, trim. You can literally carry thousands of options in a notebook! And that's what I'm planning! I love doing themes! A hill giant? No! A bunch of hill giants! Yes. Men, women, and juvies! Even some crazies. I plan on doing a series of thematic groupings. The first is Town Defense single! But then, I'll put them in groups! Maybe add a few more. AND! For Lords or more, provide Creature Stats, optional skills, feats, gear and rules! 

I will release, on an ongoing basis... MiniDoods! A pdf with full page printouts of half a dozen or so Minidoods. I may add in stats or other surprises as well. Some will be thematic, a series, others will be a mix of creatures. If you watch my youtube channel, under StoryTellingRon, it may coincide with whatever campaign I'm DM'ing and talking about on my channel. 

Keep It Simple Stupid! Fold-able minis ONLY! Why? Because you gotta print out 20 minis... are you going to sit there and perfectly trim, glue, then get bases, fold and glue, then they're bulky to carry around? Heck no! I came up with this simple fold'em and pack'em system because, as a DM, I want a ton of options on the go. And they still look great! Easy to use, affordable, not time consuming and fun!

Please support MiniDoods!
Support me so I can make more and more variety in orcs, goblins, giants, characters and more. I'm also a veteran DM and plan on doing creature stats, MiniMaps, and all kinds of fund D&D stuff to use for your game. Need a cool simple town? A few simple descriptions of locals! And their minis?? Join my endeavor to provide just that! Thanks.

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