is creating cosplay, props, photography and videos.

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    Digital access to one exclusive professional picture from my sets every month, which you can download and keep. 

    Supporter tagging in the MirCosplay Discord channel where I and the rest of the community share tips and tricks, chat, see the progress on the projects I’m working on, and give input and suggestions for what to do next.

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At this level, you will get all the benefits from the Supporter tier plus:

  •  Digital access to my last four photo sets, which you can download and keep.
   An extra large digital wallpaper of the photo of the month.
   Patron tier tagging in the discord channel to make sure I notice your comments if things get busy.

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At this level, you will get all the benefits from the Supporter and Patron tiers plus:

  •  Digital access to the boudoir photos I usually take from my last four photo sets, which you can download and keep.

    Access to any sexy selfies I take behind the scenes during the photo shoots.
   Access to the NSFW room on the Discord channel.
   An extra large digital wallpaper of the lewd photo of the month.

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I’m an independent cosplay model, cosmaker and online content creator. I live in Madrid and have been here my entire life, spending countless hours as a young girl daydreaming of living in a fantasy world and exploring it through imagination and role play, that’s how I taught myself English.

Part of my vivid imagination has always inspired me to cosplay, and I fell in love with this amazing community. Seriously, you guys are crazy, but in the good way! My first cosplay ever was Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, and I’ve crafted dozens of costumes ever since, getting professional photo shoots taken by my friend and amazing photographer José Manchado. Check out his work: www.josemanchado.com

I used to cosplay as a hobby and with a few people like José that have been wonderful along the way, but the response I’ve gotten has been so encouraging and positive that I decided to start a Patreon account and a professional career as a cosplayer. Cosplay is expensive, and if I want to keep doing it and get better and better every time, I need your help. I would appreciate support in any form: kind words on social media, cute messages, donations... whatever you can do. Even the smallest supporter will get access to my Discord channel where I can share my tips and tricks and keep you up to date on all the projects I have going on, and of course, to get to know the amazing people who want to be part of this adventure.

Happy cosplaying, and see you at the con!

What can I get on Patreon that is not available on social media?
The majority of my photos and videos are exclusive for patrons. There are personalized rewards such as fansigns, prints, voting for new costumes and old sets, Skype calls, etc. Additionally, there is a Discord chat exclusive for the Boudoir tier and above that I use as a combination of Snapchat for lots of selfies and work in progress as well as a great community where I chat daily with my supporters.

How do I get access to the Patreon exclusive Discord chat?
Click on your Patreon profile picture and select ‘My profile settings’, find the section for apps and click it. There you can enter your discord information into Patreon to link the accounts. Once it’s done, your discord rewards will work instantly and automatically. You can verify that it’s working if your name is colored when you comment on Discord and you can see a NSFW chat room (if on the applicable tier).

Link for my Discord community: https://discordapp.com/invite/4TfDffN

When do I get charged?
You will be charged on the day you pledge for the first time. If you decide to stay, you will only be charged on the first of each month.
I do not do refunds.

How do I get the content after I pledge?
Content directly on Patreon will be available immediately. Access to the Patreon exclusive channel on Discord will happen automatically when you connect your Discord account through Patreon. For the rest of the content, I will add you manually to Dropbox using the e-mail you provided through Patreon. If this takes longer than 24 hours, please, contact me.

Can I save the sets?
Absolutely! You support me with these rewards in mind, right? You are welcome to save them for your personal use (they are not allowed to be redistributed, sold, or posted publicly by anyone but me or my photographer without my permission). The content available on Dropbox changes frequently, I usually leave the sets up for at least a month, save them before I take them down.

Can I upgrade my pledge in the middle of the month?
Of course! You will be charged the difference on the day you upgrade. If you decide to stay, the full amount for the tier will only be charged on the first of each month.
65% complete
Wow, thank you guys so much for the support so far. Things are growing fast and if this rate keeps up, I’ll have to start taking this hobby more seriously! I want my next goal reward to be a special thank you to my supporters. When we get here, I will let you guys choose my next cosplay. I’m not sure about all the details, but I’ll give more votes based on how much support you have given me.
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