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is creating Adult Visual Novels "The Pleasuremancer" & "Warfu"

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About Mirrodin & Le Ted

Public version 0.3.19a 

linux 0.3.17a |   PC 0.3.19a |   Mac 0.3.19a

Silver version  0.3.21.a
Gold version 0.3.21.a gold


Once, long, long ago, you were a powerfull wizard king who conquered the world with an iron fist of death, despair, and fear. Quickly overcaming all opposition; soon none remained to hinder you. Nevertheless, this uncontested superiority quickly lead to intollerable doldrums and unceasing boredom. Until the only choice left was to retreat to a timeless limbo for a thousand years in the hopes of finding an adequite advesary upon your return; at least, that was the plan...
Only 634 years have passed since you removed yourself from time and fell into a deep slumber; prematurely brough back to the world by an intensely foolish creature; a godelin. A brief moment of apathy on your part allowed the summoning to complete unhindered, and ::poof:: you back in the plane of reality, but not without the dire consequences of an idiotic godelin shaman's blundered casting and a sick godelin's snot filled destruction of the pages needed to undo the damage... You do return to a future completely alien from your time, one where your legend has been forgotten and lost to history, just as planned. However, you return without your powers, your might, or even a fully manifested physical body... To make matters worse, your mastery over death has been replaced with a penchant for pleasure... No longer are you a great necromancer spreading death and fear; now you are a Pleasuremancer, forced to rebuild your new empire on endless pleasure...

Well, at least it won't be the boring same ol' same ol'...

Dive now in a brand new adventure combining different gameplays from adventure game, RPG and erotic visual novel. On the menu :
  • Skills upgrading of the main character depending of your actions
  • Conscientious 2D CG, created by a great artist
  • Point’n click stages
  • A dozen of H scenes !
  • Side quests galore !
  • A sarcastic and ironic humour in english
    - as in french as well !-

#2DCG #Lesbian #Vaginal Sex #Creampie #Oral Sex #Masturbation #Male Protagonist #Monster #Fantasy #RPG #Adventure #Sarcasm #Humour   

• Mirrodin •
Frustrated that I can't find the perfect adult game for me, I've decided to create my own which fit to my expectation. Since then, my life is hell.

• Caesar •
God Artist level who take all my money and force me to eat pasta everyday...

• Drak •
Awesome IT and gameplay mate who help me a lot in debugging
and adding smart function to help the game growing.

• R3VY •
Talentuous and mysterious Man who help me
with some graphic stuff, new objects and a more.

• L34ND43 •
Robot Special Agent which report everything he notice
for the glory off Azael Banners (community and feedback stuff)

• Einah •
A IRL friend  who's working on Patreon and social networks.

Community stuff :

[PDF][French]Integral solution for the game..
$73.81 of $200 per month
You, are such wow, the first circle of a great adventure ! 
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