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Hello and welcome to Mirrored's Patreon Page!

I am Mirrored, the author of The Scourged Earth, a science fiction litrpg. While I write the series for the love of crafting worlds and characters and post most of it free on the web, it takes enough time and money that I could use any support my readers could spare!

My goals are modest and donations will go towards improving my craft and paying for editing and art to make my stories better.  

Here's a summary of my story The Scourged Earth:

Derrick is no ones hero. He is barely dealing with his mundane life when all of humanity is forced to confront the extraordinary. Overnight, all across the world, mysterious machines appear. They offer people the chance to purchase almost anything they can think of. Weapons, medicine and even super human abilities are offered, seemingly for free.
But following these machines, come the Scourges. The most dangerous creatures, diseases and machines that infest the universe. Ever growing and battling, these empires of horror and hunger will overwhelm and devour the Earth and its inhabitants. Unless Derrick and humanity can stand against all the horrors that battle between the stars.

The Scourged Earth will be updated twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday. Patrons will be have access to three unreleased chapters!
$32.10 of $250 per month
With my coffee and web hosting covered by generous Patreons, I can start working on getting the professional editing and art that will let me release my work as novels on Amazon. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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