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My name is Miloš Joksimović.I was born in Belgrade on the 3th of March in 1998.I have been drawn to music, and especially to the trumpet from an early age.I enrolled in the music school, in the trumpet section and gained primary and secondary music education .I was also diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia but that didn't stop me from succeeding in music although every task is much harder for me then for the others i still managed to succeed! In order to acquire as much knowledge and experience as possible, and to improve my trumpet playing skills,I attended masterclasses with eminent musicians and pedagogues. My need and great desire to play the trumpet as my role model has resulted in gaining knowledge in this field from Eric Aubier , Francisco Pahco Flores, Luis Martin Gonzalez, Andrei Kavalinski , Saša Dragović, Nenad Marković. I participated in various republic and international competitions. I am a Laureate of the internacional Davorin Jenko competition 2016 and I won first prize on that competition in 2014 too. At the Republican competitions I won the second prize in 2013 and the first prize in 2017. In 2017 I enrolled in the Music Academy of Novi Sad, department of wind instruments ..If you love music and have one dolar to spare please do , Thank you kindly!!!
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