is creating real dank shpiel. When I can afford it. That's where you come in
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About MissAlienSpacePirate

Why a patreon? Welp, because I'm poor, broke and live in the middle of nowhere so jobs are all a million years away. Plus I'm too busy with university and wanting to do all this siq creative shpiel to stand behind a counter all day. You don't have to donate, but I'd appreciate the BALLS outta ye even if it's just $1 cuz that helps me out more than you think it would~

If I had the money to do so, you'd get sketches, short cinematics (or long ones with a bigger amount of dosh), useless youtube videos, dramatic depictions of bad fanfiction readings, animations, comedy sorta things and a bunch of other shpiel I haven't thought of yet~

Don't know me? Well, here's my youtube channel~!

Also spreading this page about would be great too, if you're broke like I am~
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You help me live, buy food, give projects a budget and maybe, just maybe, I'll never hafta work in retail or fast food ever again~
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