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About Jamie K.O.

Hey there! I'm Jamie Kaye, a watercolor illustrator and comic artist in Austin, Texas that spends an awful lot of time being enthusiastic about video games and comic books. She is currently a concept artist for Line the Game.

Why I need your support
Being an artist is tough grueling work that takes so much to make a decent living off of. I also do so much that people enjoy but I may not necessarily be able to benefit from! By financially backing artists you love, you are giving back for entertainment you've indulged in.

I do quite a bit of traditional work too! Meaning physical media is being used. Watercolors, paper, brushes. These are things that need to be replaced and replenished constantly. By supporting my work you are helping me get the materials I need.

Bonuses for you!
By helping me financially you'll not only be supporting my endeavors, but have exclusive access to bonus material that won't be seen anywhere else.

*Vegan substitutes of all reward tiers available ;)
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When I reach $100, once a month I will make a video sharing my techniques in drawing, inking, or coloring.
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