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About Miss Kaneda

Hello, Lovelies!

I'm Miss Kaneda, and since 2013 I've been creating cruel giantess and shrinking stories that help make my impossible fantasies real. Many of you have found something special in my work, some window into your own fantasies that's valuable and worthwhile, and I want to give my beloved community more of that.

Through the inspiration and motivation of my supporters here, I've pushed myself to embrace my own inner giantess. Recently I've begun producing my own fetish and crush clips, relishing the role of Goddess and Mistress in a capacity I'd never imagined. Your support here not only keeps me accountable and motivates me to constantly film and write, but lets you help shape the kind of stories and videos I create.

This is a big adventure for me and I'm incredibly thankful for the support that will let me carve this time out. Building this venture into something successful would mean more and bigger stories, better quality videos, and all around wonderful things for anyone who craves for vicious women with tiny, helpless victims at their feet.

With your help, there's so much I hope to do: 

More Access!

I love our community and talking about our fantasies. I look forward to having a special place to share with my supporters and to letting you all see more of who I am and what I do.

More Stories!

I'll be blocking out specific times to commit fully to writing and setting weekly writing quotas to earn your support, creating more delectable content for everyone involved.

More Variety!

I'm eager to delve into new publishing avenues, video, audiobooks and more. Being able to explore more partnerships, equipment, and publishers will let me find new and exciting ways to bring our fantasies to life.

Any support you offer is meaningful. Thank you so much for reading and for caring.

With love,

Miss Kaneda 

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This level would get me to the point where I can replace the income from a day of corporate work for a day of full-on writing. Regular days with eight hours alone with nothing but coffee and my writing... I can only imagine what I could accomplish.
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