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About Elsanne

Hello! I'm Elsanne. I do visual novel videos on YouTube at MissMigratoryBird channel. 

First of all, thanks for supporting me throughout the years on YouTube! I'm overjoyed to know that you love my vids, and I'm thrilled to share my gaming experience and walkthrough tips with you all.

Secondly, thanks for checking my Patreon account! Every patron makes a difference! Doing vids on a daily basis isn't easy, and I've been uploading 6 videos every week for quite some time now. I'm not a full-time YouTuber (obviously), and I work without weekends/holidays and study at uni at the same time. Besides paying for rent/bills/food/etc. I also have to pay for the games you see on my channel and for the software, which I use to create the videos. I'm creating a Patreon in order to do more, to create more, to give you more and to be able to continue doing YouTube - without overworking myself through the constant all-nighters I have to pull for my videos now. If all goes well, who knows? Maybe I'll even be able to upload all 7 days of the week in the future! Or get more games. Or do reviews. Or do mobile games as well. Or do the voice-cover for unvoiced games. Or something even more fancy? 

Thank you in advance for supporting me here! Love you!

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