Mission: Comics and Art is creating neighborhood community space for comic books and the arts

High Five!

$2 /mo
High Five! Personal Thank You Email.
Thanks for loving us! We love you back! Let’s us know you're a Patreon supporter any time you’re in the store and you're getting a High Fiv...

$5 /mo
Magnet + Sticker + Other Swag
This really helps us in a BIG way! And we really want to say thank with a pack of thank you gifts that put you on the inside. (In store pickup)

I Got a Shirt!

$10 /mo
Mission: Comics T-shirt + Magnet + Sticker + Bookmark
This definitely helps! We want to show our gratitude with some some great thank you gifts. (In store pickup)

$15 /mo
Hand selected $10 trade collection of the month
Each month you'll be contributing greatly to our goal of a thriving comics and art scene in San Francisco.
As a special than...

You know, for kids

$15 /mo
We'll donate a kids graphic novel monthly to a local San Francisco school, after-school or youth program in your honor

Team Comics Shop Talk Membership

$20 /mo
At 8pm Wednesdays we shut the doors and it's "Members Only". We'll discuss the week's books, comic industry news and insider gossip, with adult beverages of course. Additional privileges will defin...

You're a Model, And You're Looking Good

$25 /mo
Leef will draw your portrait on a comic backing board and it will f#cking suck!

(Act fast! Eventually he might maybe become a better artist and it might not suck quite so much. That would be boring.)

$50 /mo
Host an event at the store once per calendar year
You are really committed to helping us keep doing what we’re doing! That is super-awesome!
As a thank you we’d like to let...

Put a Plaque On It

$50 /mo
Usually these are reserved for dead people, but we'll put a classy brass plaque proclaiming your sponsorship on a bookshelf of your choice