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About Mission Eve

Hosted by Meagan Crawford, the Mission Eve podcast is dedicated to the inspiration and empowerment of the women who will lead our species to settle new worlds. From a terrestrial perspective, achieving gender parity may be helpful, beneficial, or even profitable, but the space industry has an entirely different problem when it comes to permanent human settlements in space. Settlements (true, sustaining, long-term settlements) will need a minimum of 51% women for biological reasons, among many others.

Currently, women only represent 25% of all Aerospace employees. And to date, only 11% of the people who have explored space have been women. At Mission Eve, we believe that the most important contribution we can make to increasing the number of women working, and eventually living in space, is through sharing the journeys of the women who are already doing it. By sharing these stories, we hope that the next generation of women – those who will actually settle new worlds – will find the role models, mentors, and inspiration they need today so that they can be the founders of new human settlements of tomorrow.

Mission Eve is presented by the Center for Space Commerce & Finance, a 501(c)3 educational non-profit. All contributions to this podcast are tax-deductible.
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