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Mission Reloaded Marine

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Hey guys thank you so much for helping me out so I can be here to make the media you enjoy watching.

You guys are awesome. You're not just a viewer now, you are a Mission Reloaded Marine. Thank you for your service! 

  • Your name becomes an NPC

Mission Reloaded Commodore

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Thank you for helping me keep this dream alive for all of our benefit. I have enjoyed making videos and playing these games with some of you. Thank you again for going out there and helping small creators.

You guys are awesome. You're not just a viewer, you are now a Mission Reloaded Commodore. Thank you for your service!

  • ~Voting rights for special events and weekly bonus's in our servers
  • Your name becomes an NPC




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About Mission Reloaded

Hey! It's JackBeFlippen From MRG and right now I want to thank you for getting this far! It means so much to me and the channel that you even clicked that link to get here. Now obviously you have felt compelled to check out how you can help out the channel.
That's awesome!!!

Reasons why we need the money:
Due to the Rona I am working multiple small jobs just to keep the lights on. If you guys could help me out with just a few dollars a month, I would have more time to bring you the awesome content that drove you here in the first place. 

What I will do for you:
There is alot of content that gets thrown away on the editing room floor that I wish have a place for it. I think you all would greatly appreciate it like I do.

I will also name you guys and girls after my npcs in games that allow it. If it doesn't let me I will find ways to do it. It would be fun to have recurring characters in my playthroughs.

Live chats. I always like talking to my viewers, it gives me more want to make my content better. And you guys get the benefit, which is the main drive here.

Thank you again for being awesome.

$0 of $200 per month
We love making these videos for you guys. It is why we have been doing it for years now, and we will continue too. However with the changes made by YouTube we are looking for that small donation that will help us grow as a channel to do ever greater things! If we can raise $200 a month, this will help with the costs of hosting the Mission Reloaded "People's Server" for our Patreon legion of Mission Reloaded Players. This will be for live events, games of the month, plus a list of ongoing games like, Minecraft, StarMade, Rust, Empyrion, Don't Starve Together, Conan,  Dark and Light, ARK, etc..You do not have to pay-to-play, but you will get perks and and in-game benefits if you contribute. 

$200 a month provides us with:
  • Funding our Mission Reloaded Gaming Server. Currently Mog and I are doing it ourselves and we are only asking you guys to meet us half way. This monthly number changes depending on how many servers we have running as well, so more people, more games, more servers. Also more gear and software for making better, more interesting videos. We have hit that cusp where we can do so much more with a little help from you guys while joining in and being there with us.
  • More time editing videos, it takes us an average of 4 to 5 hours to do a 20 - 30 min edited video, not to mention the live streams that go on for hours into the night. We do not do it for the money. This is a second job that we do because we have a passion for it, and for you guys, who enjoy it. 
  • Give-a-ways on streams and server missions that get completed. We have always wanted to do give always like Steam games codes, and real world MRG merch. This allows us to fund that machine of awesome Lootz!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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