Mission Start Podcast is creating Video and Podcast

Podcast Fiend

$5 /mo
Early Access to podcast!

In this tier, you be able to listen to the all of our podcasts a day in advanced of the podcast episode before it goes live on our website! Enjoy listening e...


Podcast Producer

$7 /mo
You choose the topics for us to discuss in our podcasts! Any of our three podcasts you can choose topics that is relevant to our podcast conversations.  

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Come talk with us on the podcasts!

$10 /mo
Without you, we wouldn't be here today. So to celebrate it at this tier we will bring whomever pays 10$ a month live onour podcasts on twitch or other podcasts of their choosing! We will also uploa...

Sneak Peak at our cosplay galleries

$15 /mo
At this tier, you have access to a hidden page on our site, provided with a password to check out the unedited photos before they go live on the site. 

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Sneak Peak at our Video content

$20 /mo
You get access to our video content before it goes live on our youtube, and twitch channels! This includes unedited videos from conventions, interviews, online tournaments, original pieces, and muc...