Mister Painty

is creating unique meme-like Pop Art paintings on beautiful brocade fabrics
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Fear of Massive Otters...

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All that stuff from the FOMO level plus:

Videos and posts and whatnot concerning my process, plus unnerving images of me looking at the camera lens, etc.

BEHIND MY SCENES pics and videos:

  • works in progress
  • how I paint, how I stretch fabric, etc.


  • my working theories on the creative process
  • art nerd stuff regarding the meaning of my work

Really just the best. Really.

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DIALOG. Meaning, I'll listen to you.

At this level, I'll ask for your suggestions and conduct polls and questionnaires about upcoming paintings, prints, and general content, and I'll LISTEN to what you have to say! You'll be helping me make decisions on the art I create.

SEE YOUR IDEA(S) on canvas. PLUS, if I use your suggestion(s), you'll get first dibs on purchases of that original work, AND I'll send you a free print.




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About Mister Painty

Low Brow meets High Brow.

Meme meets Fine Art.

Not all memes are humorous, but the most popular ones are.

Is there more to gain from them than the occasional momentary chuckle?

Should a good meme have staying power, and remain relevant year after year, like a good painting?

And what does it say about our culture’s obsession with entertainment being so overwhelming that movies, characters, comics, games, TV shows, and toys all blend together into a maelstrom of imagery and branding?

It gets crazy out there, impossible to keep up.

Superimposing pop cultural imagery and casual jokes over beautiful, refined brocade fabrics demonstrates the perfect balance of the low brow and the high brow of our anything-goes culture.”

There’s more to the meme than meets the eye.

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