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Welcome to my Patreon Page.  I would like to start by thanking everyone for all their love and support as I continue to try to make Streaming a sustainable full time career.  Patreon is where we started.  Before I ever had a sub button on Twitch, we used Patreon to help build our community and support me in my quest to become a full time content creator.  Together we achieved my goal of streaming full time, and while I am by no means financially solid, we make it work. 

The time I gotten over the last few years with my family, the trips we made to CitizenCon & TwitchCon have been amazing and I would of never been able to experience any of it without you!  Your support and your love of our community is what makes me excited to go to work each day. 

The question is now, were do we go from here?  Well I have a whole new set of goals.  Goals that will strengthen our community, grow the channel and hopefully move us to the next level!   And Patreon is a key piece of the plan!

Goals you say?

Yes Goals, let's talk about them!  

Goal #1 - Eliminate our dependence on donation bars

In the past we did lots of Donation Bars for Giveaways, Paying Bills and and other things that came up.  And while I still love achieving goals and completing bars, we became entirely too dependent on them.  Donation and goal bars should be left for fun things like a new toy for the show & achieve channel goals or helping support charities like Child's Play & StackUP!  Too many times I have had to put up the "oh crap" bar to quickly raise money for a immediate issue, and to be honest, I hate it.  So while this will not be something that will happen over night, eliminating donation bars is a huge goal of mine.

Goal #2 - Community Driven Content

I want you to have influence on the content I create.  Now for many content creators that is a scary thing, but I feel that if we are all really being honest with ourselves the reality is that our fans already do this to a point.  People support, market and give money to things they like and tend to shy away from things they don't.  Now while I will always play games and create content that I enjoy and never allow someone to have full control over what I say or do, I think Patreon offers us a unique opportunity for you to support specific content that you enjoy, thus allowing me to make more of that type of content.  See it is more of a carrot than stick type of thing. :)

Goal #3 - Grow the Community

The SpaceBro Community has continued to grow and expand its reach mroe than I ahve ever imagined.  You see our members not just in Star Citizen, but in many other games on Twitch & across the internet!  The more we grow the community the more opportunities businesses give me to reward you guys with discounts, giveaways & cool stuff to do!  More importantly the more we spread our communities culture of acceptance, responsibility and fun times, the better off the gaming world is for everyone!

Goal #4 - Provide for my Family

It is every persons dream to find a job they love to do!  I have been lucky enough in my life to find something that I have a passion for and grow that into something that is sustainable for myself.  Even though we go through tough months financially, I feel we are headed in the right direction.  We are at the point were most of our operational expenses are covered by what we do, but my real challenge is to turn this dream into something that will help provide for my family financially.  I think with growth in the right areas we can make this happen!
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