MixChallenge is creating educational and audio content

Let's start with the basics

$1 /mo
  • we can't thank you enough for your support, every penny counts
  • access to "Patrons Only" Feed
  • you will get a special rank on the forum th...

Gearbox grease...

$12.50 /mo
  • this will keep things in motion, thank you so much
  • all previous tiers included
  • special future forum feature to be added

(converts to roughly 10EUR / month)

The "we help you out" tier

$45 /mo
  • option to have an up to 30min Skype chat with the Mix Challenge host / CTO Roland Löhlbach (Compyfox) -- get personal help with an audio engineering question / problem, or...

SPECIAL TIER 1 - Executive Producer

$125 /mo
  •  specifically made for advertisers
  • "We help you out" tier Skype chat does not apply
  • get 1 month "executive producer" banner