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For 1 dollar, you'll get access to my patron only feed which can include things like cosplay photo previews, work in progress teaser photos, behind the scenes teaser photos, you will only see the teasers, but not get access to the actual content that I'm posting about. this tier is safe for work.
Includes Discord benefits

The full-cosplay tier

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for 5 dollars you will receive access to all my professionally shot cosplay photos as well as my patron only feed and any work in progress photos. this tier is safe for work. No lingerie and no lewds! 
Includes Discord benefits

the Lingerie Tier

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 for 10 dollars you will receive access to all my professionally shot cosplay photos as well as my professionally shot lingerie photos and access to my patron only feed. This tier is safe for work (safe for work meaning there are no nudies in this tier, but if you consider lingerie nsfw, there is lingerie in dis tier.)
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About Micro Kitty

Hey you!
****if you are looking for previous patreon photo sets, check them out here Microkitty's Store

patreon is the place to be if you are looking to be involved in costumes, shoots and get things first from me!

to read about the content break down for January, Please click this link!
it will take you to a FREE TO READ AND VIEW post that details the sets and content available in each tier

I'm 29 years old and have been cosplaying for about 16 years now, I've worn and made countless costumes, but I've never really had the funds to learn new things.
From patreon, I'm hoping to be able to afford to learn new things and work with new people and materials. Patreon is an amazing resource for artists and I really hope you consider pledging, but please know that you are not required at all in any way shape or form to pay me to be a fan!

I work very hard on my costumes, my modeling, and my lingerie bullshit, I have a good sense of humor and I love to share all that with my fans, basically patreon helps me do that by allowing me to create more costumes and hire photographers and in exchange for your pledge, you get to be apart of all that!

if you want to pledge, but you are unhappy with any tier or a reward you are hoping for is missing, just let me know!
I'll be posting tons of things, videos, selfies, full finished images, sneak peaks and blog posts!


about once a week, I'm hoping to do more updates and content, but obviously it depends on what I'm working on! 

what does NSFW mean? 
NSFW means "not safe for work" for a lot of people, this means anything that you can't look at work with your boss around! I do nude pin up for any tier that says NSFW. please read each tier carefully!!

You get charged for the amount you pledged
content rolls out the 5th of the month and is available to see all month and download as you  please!

Sorrrrry! It happens! most of the time I know I am behind or late making or doing something, feel free to message me if you don't see a blog post from me admitting that I'm late!
Do I get past months if I sign up?
NO! you are signing up for 1 month of content, visit my store to get past months content :D

That's cool! message me and maybe I can add a tier for what you're looking for! chances are you aren't alone in liking certain things but not others, a lot of times I just can't guess what my patrons/fans/homies want from me! 
74% complete
I will shoot 2 characters a month, 1 character for the 35$ tier and another character for higher tiers (so you can potentially get 2 sets a month)
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