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About MMA Lock of the Night

MMA Lock of the Night is a brand I, Manpreet Jhass, have created to help push MMA-betting related content into the social media world. With 10+ years of experience working in the MMA industry, working at an MMA gym, cornering amateur MMA athletes, and betting on the sport myself, I've gained the trust of many to provide a helping hand when it comes to placing a wager on MMA events.

The best way to follow along with what I'm doing is through my twitter account where I remain active on a daily basis.

Follow me @MMALOTN

With the creation of this Patreon, I am closing in on 60 episodes of The MMA Lock-Cast, which is a UFC fight-weekly podcast where I break down an entire UFC card within 55-70 minutes with a scope on the betting side of things. I normally share the bets I make to reassure the confidence I have in these opinions.

I am creating this Patreon as I believe I have a vast amount of knowledge and passion for the sport to benefit followers who have a knack for wagering on these events. Come November 2019, I will be adding a plethora of content to my YouTube channel as well as exclusive material for Patrons. I'd like to cover as many angles of upcoming UFC events as possible and with the lineup of content I intend on releasing every week, I think followers of mine will have more than enough to chew on. If I am able to bring in enough financial support, I will be able to free up more time to create even more in depth content which will meet the demand of this relatively niche market. It would be nice to have the backing of a major outlet, however I would rather be untethered and create the content I believe will be most beneficial/enjoyable for my followers.

Here is what a full week of content available for everyone will look like:

Monday - "Combatosseurs"
Combatosseurs is a free-flowing podcast I do with one of my best friends, Tony. There is no real set format other than we record the day after UFC events and try to dissect the fallout. Wherever the conversation goes, it goes!

Tuesday - "The MMA Lock-Cast"
The MMA Lock-Cast is my flagship podcast where I cover the upcoming UFC event from top to bottom with a focus on the betting side of things in about 55-70 minutes. With the introduction of my Patreon page, I will be covering all main card fights and 1 prelim fight on the podcast, the rest will be quick picks.

Patreon subscribers will hear more about all match-ups that I only gave a quick pick for, and I will release that exclusively to Patreon subscribers as "The MMA Lock-Cast+". Check under the Exclusive Patreon Content section below for more info.

Tuesday - "Locked In"
Locked In is one of the new shows I will be rolling out with this new era of my brand. In this show I will be focusing on one match-up every event to breakdown as diligently as I possibly can. With breaking down tape and techniques, I'll be using a visual aid to drive home these concepts to help viewers grasp the what they are seeing even easier. I will dive into the technical aspects of each fighter's game and tie it all together with a focus on how they match up against their opposition while predicting a winner (and method of victory) at the end of it.

Patreon subscribers will have an exclusive Locked In episode every UFC PPV strictly for themselves. Check under the Exclusive Patreon Content section below for more info.

Sunday - "Deciding Splits"
This will be a segment me and Tony do, in conjunction with Combatosseurs, where we go over any controversial decisions from the most recent UFC event. In the event of no questionable decisions, there won't be an episode released.

On top of all this free content, Patreon members will enjoy the content listed below.


Exclusive Patreon Locked In episodes - On top of the Locked In episode that I release for the public, I will release another episode focusing on a different match-up strictly for Patreon subscribers for every UFC PPV event. These exclusive episodes will also be released on the Tuesday of fight week. Two weeks before every PPV I will put out a poll to my Pateron members to determine which match-up I will focus on for them. Once that has been decided, I will then choose which one I will release for the public.

Expect the same quality, time, and effort dedicated to this patreon-exclusive episode as the one that goes out on my Youtube channel. The goal is to do an exclusive Locked In episode every event, but the amount of time and effort these shows requires it would be too difficult until I am able to do this more full-time.

The MMA Lock-Cast+ - Patreon members will get 5-8 minute videos throughout fight week starting on Wednesday covering most prelim matchups which I only gave quick picks for on the flagship Lock-Cast show. If there's one specific prelim fight you'd like me to touch on, by all means shoot it my way and I'll be sure to release a video for it.

Late Fight-Week Line Thoughts - The day before UFC events, I will release a quick video to go over any significant line movements that occurred since I dropped my Lock Cast podcast. There is usually a good amount of line movement that I wish I could discuss with followers of mine, and I believe this is the perfect platform. I may not play some of these line movements, especially if I already played the line earlier in the week, but I am more than happy to give advice to people who have yet to place any wagers.

I will look to make this a live video where I will take questions live from subscribers about current lines. Once the Patreon has some legs, I'll throw this suggestion out there and see how well it is received before committing to doing live videos.

Every official MMALOTN bet - Subscribers will have access to every single official bet I make even when I am charging the public. Normally, my policy is that I will only charge the public for picks when I have profited on 3 straight events that include a Lock of the Night bet. If I run into a losing event, the next 3 events need to hit a profit for me to charge the public again.

LOTN PATREON PARLAY - For every UFC event I'll release an exclusive parlay strictly for Patreon members, even when the rest of my plays are free for the public. These will be 3-5 leg parlays of my most confident picks.

Open to ideas - As time hopefully starts to free up, I will always be looking/brainstorming new ideas to add to this page to increase the value and pull of the page. I am open to suggestions/recommendations, so feel free to hit a brother up and share your thoughts!

Thanks for getting this far and reading about everything I have to offer! Hope to have you a part of the movement and win you some cash along the way!

Why $12 per month?
Like I've stated earlier in this description, I would like to do this full time. After checking out what the Patreon market is like for sports betting/picks, the amount of subscribers this market attracts, and the type of content others are putting out, I think this is a fair price.

Exclusive content, ability to request more information/opinions on particular matchups, official bets, I think $12 is on the lower side for the amount of work I am putting into this. In regards to how much I charge the public for my bets, it is normally $20 per event. $15 for an entire month of exclusive content and official bet picks is more than a bargain considering the money you can make with the information you acquire with my page.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
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