is creating 3D Gay-Yaoi Original Characters and Fanart
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About Mo0nX

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page!


You can call me Mo0nX, I'm a 3D artist that specializes in 3D homoerotic art. I started Patreon in order to help support myself in both creating art that I love and I hope to someday make this a primary source of income. What to expect when you pledge to me is unreleased uncensored artwork ,W.I.P.S and future work when the time comes. I'm excited to create art for "you" featuring the models that I have available !

Any support is much appreciated, please take a look at my list below to see what rewards you will have access to in return for your patronage :3


Regarding Characters :

Fanart - available for all Tiers, excluding a few characters which are Tier locked. 

Original Characters - available for all Tiers, excluding a few which are Tier 2 and above 

Monthly rewards will be sent at the end of each month with a zip pack via patron message. (usually 3-5 days after the month has ended) 


Note : If you are not a Patreon you will not  be able view all of my posts due to Patreon hiding them.  (that means you'll only see some posts, while pledged Patreons can see them all)
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~ At this goal, I will start doing animations, I've been digging into it a bit lately, and I think I'd be able to bring an animation out every other month at most until I have a faster workflow. 
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