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This contribution level includes all the communications I put out to our 4D Studio as Director and Producer of this online show.

As the Director of this story, it is my job to coordinate the vision of the characters, plot and theme across the writer(s) and Architects of each character.

Each character in the story maintains a digital footprint with their own web page, social media accounts on FB, Twitter and Pinterest as well as a KLOUT score.

This is very much like being a Director on a movie set, constantly shaping and inspiring the story and its characters every step of the way.

If you've ever wanted to experience the creative inspiration of a film director, this is an opportunity to do just that.

You will get firsthand insight as to how we are developing the story from both the marketing aspect as well as the creative aspect.

It is very interesting to see how the dynamics of a 4DStory shape the story. It truly becomes a story of the fans as it matures, because of its interactive nature around a socially connected platform.

The aim of this contribution level is to inspire you, through the inspiration passed on to our cast and crew.

Join us now, and thank you.
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You will receive Reward #1 and your name on the credits of our Flagship 4DStory.
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Rewards #1 and #2, plus an invitation to a recorded monthly webinar put on by the 4D Characters.




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Imagine... It's 1924, and MGM Studios is about to produce its first moving picture. YOU ARE THERE. At the right place, at the right time, to get in on the action. Would that have been cool, or what? If you really had been there to take advantage of the opportunity, what would your life have been like? Ask yourself, how often does an opportunity like that come around?Okay, let’s move into the present. You’re here in present day 2016, being offered the same kind of opportunity … but in a way that will grow faster than Hollywood, using the power of the Internet.

Our team of 350 Digital Creators, Translators, Audio/ Video Specialists, Writers and Editors are making this... 4DStory, a reality.

The Power of a 4D Story
For the Audience
A 4DStory is a fictional story broadcast across the Internet at no charge to the user. Each week, a new installment appears on the story blog, and all across social media you run across videos and fascinating memes interspersed with comments from the characters that keep the story moving, day by day, minute by minute.

One thing that makes this story 4th-dimensional is that the audience is invited to interact with these characters. You can suggest changes to the story’s direction, and you may even have the opportunity to become a character in the story! 4DStory is a content campaign broadcasting a fictional story across social media to garner fans and drive traffic. Drawing on the combined power of a Hollywood movie and Internet Marketing, a 4D Story magnetically attracts demographically targeted fans and followers through our proprietary Story Integrated Marketing® process. By connecting with your audience in the safe context of story, we are able to emotionally influence them with the theme, plot, characters, and settings of your 4D Story without ever interrupting their day, flowing it to them seamlessly through their social feeds.

The Humanity of a 4D Story
For all of us
4DStory has a higher calling... to provide leverage to the nonprofit industry.  Recognizing that most nonprofits are struggling to stay solvent, much less be of any help, and knowing that a ForProfit company is capable of so much more when they align properly with a nonprofit, we have established 4DStory as our platform for nurturing an inventory of nonprofits who want to prepare themselves for presentation to our ForProfit partners.  Through a 4DStory, there are many advantages that can be leveraged through a nonprofit cause marketing campaign, including 10's of thousands of dollars worth of free Google Ad traffic every month to drive your story through the roof and take your cause along for the wonderful ride.

We believe, if we can cultivate an assortment of nonprofits who will allow us to make them solvent and adaptable to a ForProfit relationship, at no cost to them, our model will be able to resurrect many nonprofits and give them a whole new story (a 4DStory) in which to relate to donors.  

See, 4DStory is only the face of a giant body of people with good intentions, kindred hearts and amazing professional value who are all coming together to not only revolutionize the entertainment industry but to turn charitable giving into a performance art.

About This Particular 4DStory… The MobiusKey
A secret deep-diving submarine is trying to save the world from the inevitable AI Rebellion by discovering and assembling an ethereal link between Artificial Intelligence and the human species. A witty and beautiful protagonist finds herself in a torn love affair with the very man who is working to tear apart her friends, her livelihood, and ultimately the world.

But… In this epic saga, a single perspective is never the whole story.

This is our Flagship 4DStory, following the paradigm established and tested over the past year in two prototype stories that produced exciting results. Now, you have at your disposala systematic process to produce stories based in your brand, from conceptualization to monetization, stories that will sustain themselves in the marketplace and create the impact you’re looking for. .

If you were allowed to hang out virtually backstage of your favorite TV show before the broadcast, wouldn’t that be awesome? As a Patreon contributor of 4DStory you can do that!  Hang around the people and celebs we attract, discover new art, new media and new ideas as we go in search of content for our next story.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is basically like an on-going Kickstarter campaign where you can pledge a set recurring monthly amount, that you specify, as a thank-you for the work that I'm creating and sharing online for free.

Through your financial support you become one of my esteemed patrons, affording me the privilege to continue forging a world where stories empower people.

I am treating this campaign is like a membership site where me and my production team continuously interact with the community, offering Rewards and opportunities to be involved in our online 4DStory broadcasts, based on your monthly commitment.  As writers create new scenes and our clients produce new stories, you will be on the front lines of insider information, new scripts, scene outtakes, and more.

We’re going to have a lot of fun together!

Jump on board and feel free to fill the stream with ideas for your own 4DStory.

4DStory | Time To Perform

$0 of $500,000 per month
Our primary goal set before us is to invest roughly $500K into an online software platform that would function as a hub of marketers, writers, characters, models and architect talent for anyone wanting to deploy their own lucrative 4DStory.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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