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"You are a founder of my Patreon! You set the foundation of everything this can and will become. You get everything the Trainer tier gets." 

With this tier you get:

  • Instant access to 45+ models
  • Access to the discussions 
  • Requests post
  • Early access to at least 6 numbered miniatures each month
  • Access to the Pokemon Storage System (Drive of all previously released monthly models)
  • Exclusive access to our Discord
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"You are a trainer, love Pokemon and want to be able to collect and print all of the monthly models to "Catch 'em All". This is the basic tier for people who just want to collect and print the basic numbered models."

With this tier you get:

  • Instant access to 45+ models
  • Access to the discussions
  • Requests post
  • Early access to at least 6 numbered miniatures each month
  • Access to the Pokemon Storage System (Archive of all previously released numbered models)
  • Exclusive access to our Discord
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"You are OBSESSED with Pokemon and everything that has to do with them. This tier is for the one who wants everything I create each month and wants to help decide what that is."

For this tier you get the following:

  • Instant access to 45+ models
  • Access to the discussions 
  • Requests post
  • Early access to at least 6 numbered miniatures each month
  • Access to the Pokemon Storage System (Archive of all previously released numbered models)
  • Additional Deluxe/Exclusive models each month
  • Ability to vote in the polls and help decide what comes next
  • Exclusive access to our Discord (Including Master Tier only chats)
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Catch n' Collect EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!

Hello and welcome to my patreon to help support the discovery, capture, modeling and printing of your favorite little monsters, Pokemon! Ok, maybe its not that extensive, but if you want to collect miniatures and models of your favorite pocket monsters, you're in the right place. 

I'm creating 3D-printable Pokemon models!

Models Currently Available in the Pokemon Storage: 62+

Models in Pokemon Storage & Advanced Pokemon Storage: 124+

Current Pokemon Model List

Patron Model Links:

(Current Month) Trainer Tier Models
(Current Month) Master & Legend Tier Models 
Pokemon Storage System (Archive

Advanced Pokemon Storage System (Legend Tier Archive)

FREE Models!


My Goal?

To make a collectible model of at least one of every single Pokemon ever created for you to 3D print.

Why am I doing this?

Growing up I loved the Pokemon games. The games were fun, but it was the Pokemon themselves that intrigued me. The diversity and uniqueness of each one was amazing. As I grew up, this little spark helped my art revolve around character creation which was mostly monsters and creatures and things that couldn't possibly exist. Although I've always been creating and sharing my art, I was recently introduced to the world of digital sculpting and modeling. After a while of learning and a couple 3D printers later, I was hooked on being able to turn my own creations into reality at home and finally have a real way to share my artwork with the world! So now, I have decided to began the massive task of bringing all the little creatures of my childhood, and many others, to life not only for me and my kids, but for everyone!



    Your support on this Patreon allows me to spend more time to research, sketch, visualize, test print and create all these little, and some huge, creatures. Whether they're cute, ugly, fat, scary, ghostly or just plain strange, I plan to do all of them! It also gives me more time to create special models aside from just the monthly ones. With over 900 and more new ones coming out, I definitely have my work cut out for me and I need your support to do this. On a side note you're gonna need a pretty big display for all of them.
   In addition to the standard miniatures, I will also be creating a lot more content and access which you can read about in greater detail below. I want to connect with people from everywhere to build a community and share this huge endeavor with. I've been an artist all my life and I can guarantee that the ideas, quality and rewards will only get better as time goes on. So if you love Pokemon and want to be able to actually "Catch 'em All" for yourself, someone else,or just want to help a fun project, this is the Patreon for you to support.


What can I expect to get?

Trainer & Founder Tiers
  • Throughout each month, I will be releasing original, sculpted 3D model files of Pokemon as stl's for Patrons to download and print. I plan to do, at the least, a minimum of 5 monthly models per month and increasing as time goes on. File download links will be posted at the beginning of each month and sent to each Patron as well. Although these models are created with a resin 3D printer in mind, and I highly recommend it for the more detailed models, they are also FDM friendly.
  • In addition to the regular models, each month I will release 1 model for FREE to the public to download as well. Make sure to follow me to download it.
  • Sneak peeks, in-progress posts, behind the scenes posts
  •   Ability to suggest what I make next (when Applicable)
    • I ask Patrons to give suggestions on what they'd like to see next and I will pick my favorites to accompany my own.
  • By becoming a patron, you get access to not only the current monthly models, but the archive of every numbered miniature I've done! Also known as the "Pokemon Storage System". You can view all models to date at 
     Current Pokemon Model List

Master Tier
  • Everything from the above Tiers plus:
  • You get special BONUS models in addition to the monthly ones such as:
    • Mashups (Where I combine two different Pokemon)
    • Seasonal Variants (i.e. Halloween or summertime versions)
    • Dioramas
    • Special Edition Models
    • Alternate poses
    • Completely different types of models
  • Monthly Polls
    • When we do monthly suggestions, after I narrow down the suggestions, you get to vote which one makes the cut the next month!
    • When we do Themes, you get to decide!
  • And much more as time goes on!


And last, but not least...

Thank you so much! Whether you are a patron, a follower or just someone taking a look, I appreciate everyone who supports me. Whether it's your hard earned money, a simple uplifting message, a tip on how to get better, a share on your social media or just sending good thoughts my way, it ALL means the world to me. Without you guys, none of this would be possible.

Additional Info
All files released here are for private, non-commercial use. You are not allowed to sell or redistribute the files I have created in any way. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo or The Pokemon Company. Unfortunately, because of the nature of this Patreon and the type of access I give, once you have pledged, I cannot issue a refund for any reason. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me  Here.
65 of 75 patrons
At 75 Patrons, I will increase the minimum monthly models releases to 7!!!
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