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With this tier, you will receive:

1. Discount codes to use with the following Modern Guitarist Affiliate Brands:

  • The Axe Palace ---------------------------15%
  • Skervesen Guitars ----------------------- 5%
  • Iron Age Guitar -------------------------- 15% first purchase
  • Stone Age Guitar Picks ----------------- 25%
  • Winspear Instrumental Co. ------------ 15%
  • Highwind Amplification ---------------- 10%
  • The Guitarmory ------------------------- 10%
  • Airis Effects ----------------------------- 10$ off
  • The Source ------------------------------ 15%
  • BHL --------------------------------------- 15%

2. Early announcements for runs

3. Limited reserved slots for select runs

4.. Recognition in the facebook community as a contributor (we're working on ways to really recognize your support)

(discounts for various stores do not apply to some products. For example, The Axe Palace cannot do 15% off on pickups, etc. if you have any issues, get in touch with MG or the brand you're purchasing from! 💜)

Includes Discord rewards



About Modern Guitarist

Welcome to the official Patreon of Modern Guitarist! 
Here, you will find some of what MG has to offer, such as:

- Discount codes for our Modern Guitarist Affiliate Brands
  • Iron Age Guitar Accessories
  • Stone Age Guitar Picks
  • Highwind Amplification
  • Winspear Instrumental Co.
  • The Axe Palace
  • The Guitarmory
  • Airis Effects 
  • Skervesen Guitars
  • The Source
  • BHL Guitar Technologies
- Early access to runs

- Reserved slots for runs (this will be limited on a per-run basis)

Please connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Patreon! We would love to hear from you. (codes, discount details, and tier information/rewards subject to change at any time without notice. We are growing rapidly and always adding more brands to our roster)


45 of 250 patrons
When MG hits 250 patrons, we will open an online web store! This will be stocked with gear/merch that we all decide on in the facebook group 💜
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