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About Moe Howard

Hey all!  If you don't know I'm Moe!

I am southern girl transplanted to North West Indiana where I call a little yellow house my home.  Being creative has always been a passion of mine - it is a way of life.  I started out by covering my grandmother's floor with clippings from McCall's magazines when I was in elementary school, I studied ceramics and earn a BFA from a small college in the heart of the Old Dominion (Virginia!), and have taken my passion for creativity to the next level through blogging & posting videos to YouTube.

The Five Sixteenths Blog is a blog all about me, my life, what I'm interested in.  As a Sagittarius, I'm a wanderer & I'm always curious.  This has lead me attempt to try my hand at something new everyday.  The topics I am passionate about vary but currently you'll find DIY inspiration, lifestyle posts, cultivating a mindful life, pretty & functional planning tips, and the general vibe of living a creative life.

On the 516vlogs YouTube channel you'll find a crap ton of videos teaching you how to be creative yet functional in your planner.  Want to learn to make your own planner stickers?  I've got a video for that!  You'll find personal insight, planner reviews, plan with me videos, and tutorials to make & cut planner sticker with your Cricut Explore.  I want to expand this content to include other aspects of creative living, not just creative planning!

I feel that my calling is to teach.  To enlighten others.  To share what I've learned, as I learn it, and in a way that I've not been able to find around the web.  When I can't find the blog posts I want to read, I write them.  When I can't find the videos I want to watch, I create them.  When I can't find the tools I'm looking for, I make them.

So why did I start a Patreon page?

Because I love to teach, I love to share, and I want to teach & share more!  I want to make more for you.  I want to explore more for you.  I want to be able to dedicate time to creating things that I love and things that others love.  And the sad reality is time = money.

Patrons have always been a huge way an artist can contribute their work to society.  A modern day patron would mean more time, more supplies, and quality content for you to enjoy.

I thank you for your support - whether you become a patron or not - because without you....I'd be talking to myself on the internet!

I love you all!  Thank you!

xoxo, Moe

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts

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