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is creating free educational webinars to optimize moms for remote tech jobs.
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About Moms Can & Co.

We help moms identify & build the skills they need to apply to their first remote job. 

Why do we need your help?

We do everything we can to keep costs low, but it takes a lot of resources to create free, high-quality, educational webinars. 

These are the expenses your contribution helps pay for:

  • Art and copywriting consultants to create worksheets and resources to accompany webinar
  • Subscriptions like Crowdcast ($49/month), Zoom, and others that are needed to provide free online webinars
  • Overhead (insurance, taxes, office expenses, internet, benefits)
  • Paid guest speakers (we'd like to offer our guests some form of monetary compensation, whether it's gift cards or a small fee)
  • Writing & research to offer the best content & information out there

If you can afford to contribute, please make it possible for this content to be available for those who can't. 

Let's make remote work possible
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We'll start a special podcast series where we highlight learnings from our best content and guest speakers to reach moms who can't attend webinars when we're live.
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