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Guaranteed Death.
per Story / Comic/ Skirmish
  • My sincere thanks
  • Access to patron-only content which typically includes professional work, comic spots, and game updates.
  • Guaranteed priority slot in my [Skirmishes] this can only be overridden by rewards of a Higher TIer. 
Historic Footnote.
per Story / Comic/ Skirmish
  • Your name will echo in the annals of history, and your descendants will be well remembered for your services.  
  • In the event you miraculously survived your first battle, you get a [Custom Flourish] for your unit SPRITE. It has no mechanical value other than the fact that it can be integrated in future gear. Custom Flourishes allow your unit to have a unique look while keeping in theme of the world ! 
  • You also gain the bonuses conferred in <GUARANTEED DEATH!>
A Memorable Face
Limited (24 of 30 remaining)
per Story / Comic/ Skirmish
All the rewards in Historic Footnote, as well as custom portraits [about 3 in all] to take to forum battles with you.  Casualties may take advantage of this tier once a month when a new character survives a game.




per Story / Comic/ Skirmish

About Monday Destroy

Hello my name is Monday and I run Wargames, draw Comics, and generally destroy whole worlds. 

This is a simple goodwill box for now, but soon, if you are a Skirmisher in one of my games expect rewards like Custom Avatars, Player Portraits, and even a shot making your own Class.  
If you wish to see me make more comics like N00b of Clandestein:
the likes of which can be found on and other comic outlets then feel free to drop one in the bucket as well. 

What do I do ? I run Skirmishes, an interactive social strategy game where you assume the role of  a single piece in a "chess board" and must cooperate with 20+ other skirmishers to achieve victory. 

Currently I am running SwordeBorne Dark on /qst/ 

$124 of $275 per Story / Comic/ Skirmish
New Goal!
At 275 I'll try to make a rulebook for an Ironhearts Wargame, playable with 2 players or with a group of friends and updateable codexes that preview new units in the world.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts