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is creating Stories, Merchandise, and everything that’s fun
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As a Freshman, you’ll have early access to chapters and new character designs. You’ll have access to The Academy‘s discord page, and every mouth I will give out a list of  literary agents and agencies.  The Academy will have a monthly “Freshman of the month“ shout-out.  Use your time as an student to find beta readers and critique parters, seek writing advice, marketing ideas, or just chat it up with your fellow students. 

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As a Sophomore,  you will have a week early advance access to a new chapter. 

Have birthday shoutouts and a gift, “Sophomore of the month“ (plus all the benefits of the Freshman class)

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As a Junior, you’ll have the chance to choose what character you want to see next design and have early access to said character. you‘ll have early access to see merchandise designs. Take part of monthly livestream to chat about any and everything(Plus all the benefits of the Sophomore class ) 

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About Moni Academy

Hello, my name is T’moni and welcome to my Academy. Become a student and enjoy the journey. The project at hand is Take The Top(There’ll be more projects to come).Take The Top the first book in it’s series that I’m currently writing and hopes to get it published. Take The Top is not just about the story, it’s also about the art of the characters,bringing them to life. I have a few character designs on my Instagram. But you as a student will be the first to see new designs and also decided which character should be next. That’s not all I write Take The Top on Wattpad and Inkitt, you will be the first one to see every new chapter before anyone else. There will be  contests, giveaways, merchandise, conversations about the story among other things(Fashion, books/manga/comics, movies, anime)  So enroll today!
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Help the Academy to reach the goal and  receive “exclusive” Moni Academy and Take The Top Merchandise for your support! Also if you live in NYC or willing to travel there will be Exclusive members events!
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