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About Monkey Poo Studios

Welcome to the Patreon Page for all things Monkey Poo Studios

  So you're probably wondering "Why should I give my hard earned money to 7 Days a Geek, Podcasting 101, E.L.E., Deconstructing Dad, or the Better Call Saul Companion Podcast?"  I gotta tell ya...I don't know! I'm sure your parents wouldn't support this idea...hell, if you're married, you probably won't be for much longer... Basically, I don't have a good reason. All I have is a half damaged brain, a microphone and some weekly (bi-weekly/Monthly) creative offerings.. for you! If for some reason you've subscribed to that via your podcast player of choice, then perhaps you'd like to throw a little coin down on the table to keep the fun stuff coming?

 All Jokes aside. This is something that can benefit the both of us! It keeps your ears happy during your daily jog, or ride to work...wherever it is that you listen to podcasts. Hey, if it keeps you laughing, or gives you a bit of knowledge, then know that your support means we can continue doing this. Heck it's only a  couple of bucks a month! Check the back seat of your car, grab the change from the Tip jar at Starbucks, or "forget" to tip the Jimmy Johns guy for being freaky fast (Unless they too are listeners of the podcast)

Bottom line...
  If you find entertainment or education in these shows, if you find there to be some value with what you've received from us or if you would like to see more output, then consider becoming a patron. You can give as little as a quarter or as much as you'd like. Anything will help out. I will be grateful for your kindness. So grateful, I'll be sure to share it with the world on future episodes of the podcasts!

IMPORTANT: Patreon is simply for the listeners who WANT to lend a helping hand. If you don't want to, or if you simply can not help, nothing changes. You can still enjoy the podcasts the exact same way you have been: free of charge! We'll continue to have nothing but love for each and every one of you! (For as long as you keep listening of course:-)
$57.80 of $150 per month
Exclusive "Geeking Out & More Trailer Talk" episodes will be released a minumum of once a month for 7 Days a Geek once this goal is reached!
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