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About MonochroMelodies

Hey there!

I've been playing music for almost 20 years, now.  I started with the guitar, made my way to the piano/keyboard, then the drums, and finally the bass guitar... with a few other smaller things mixed in, like harmonica and mandolin.  There are many other instruments I'd love to learn to play, and who knows!  Maybe I can and will, someday!

Music has always been a passion for me.  Even before I could play, I was drawn to listening to songs from a variety of sources, as much as I could get it.  I had family that played the piano or the guitar, and it was something I was astounded by and drawn to from a young age.  Having learned how to play, myself, has been the most rewarding and liberating thing in my life.  Music is my outlet.  Music allows me to take what I'm feeling and put that into sounds, and into words.  Some people use drawn artwork to vent or cope; I use music.  I've written literally hundreds of songs, to varying degrees of completion... and it's always been a process of refining and further improving on my projects, both past and present.

The past few years have sadly been a musical lull, for me.  I've moved multiple times, and one such move was to a studio apartment where I simply didn't have the space for my multiple guitars and my keyboard... and so I had to part with them, telling myself I'd get back into it all someday.  Well, now is the time... this is that day!

With this Patreon, I hope to be able to fuel that creative vibe more intensely.  I want to use this as a place to not only create, but create with purpose.  Making music for myself is great and all, but getting feedback from people who actively want to listen and support it makes it a rewarding and more positive venture.  As this Patreon grows and reaches higher and higher goals, it will allow me to provide better quality music by enabling me to purchase more and better instruments.  It will also allow me to fund things like merchandise relating to my music, not just albums... but stickers, shirts, decals, and more, if the support is there.  This Patreon will allow me not only to create, but to gradually create more, and create better... which in turn lets me reward my patrons all the more!

This will all be divided into a few various categories, with more being added over time as I gain the ability (or rather the time and tools) to make additional types and genres.  To start with, there will be mostly audio works involving acoustic guitar, piano/keyboard, instrumentals, vocals, and simple voice work (like story reading and the like).  Eventually, my goal is to have the following categories:

Classic Rock
Acoustic/Soft Rock

Other categories may be added, or those listed above may be fine-tuned as things progress, if interest leans toward or away from anything in particular.  Either way, I'm excited to be able to provide a range of audio entertainment for whatever type of person you may be, or mood you may be in!

So thanks for stopping by!  Thanks for considering me!  And for those who decide to invest in me, I hope to provide you with bigger and better things the longer this goes on.  I hope you can enjoy the musical journey as much as I have, and will continue to.
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We're doing it!  This is such a great start, and reaching this goal will allow me to start setting aside a proper amount of money to fund more diverse and better quality instruments, so I can produce more diverse and better quality music!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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